Im a do-er not a gonna…

So today is the first day of a new year, a new chapter and a new way of life so to speak, and I cannot begin to explain how excited I am feeling. My flights are booked and I will be flying into Brisbane, Australia, leaving on Monday the 23rd of March. When I come to think, someone once said to me the words “Ashley you are ‘a gonna, not a do-er’!” and the saying of course means you say you are ‘gonna’ do things you speak of although you do not carry them out. Everytime I think of those words it makes me smile inside, because I have never in my entire life so far felt so proud of myself, and so I should. Every ‘thing’ I have set out to do I have achieved or am on my way to achieving. I am thankfull to the person who said that to me because it keeps a fire alight inside of myself and everytime i find myself struggling to complete my missions in life, I think of those words and it makes me all the more determined to be a “do-er”.

On a lighter note, I bought my travellers backpack yesterday (which is HUGE) and reality finally hit that I will be leaving to travel the beautifull world alone – man im philosophical tonight lol!! and I cannot fucking wait.

It is sure to be the greatest adventure yet.

I am mostly looking forward to working on the cattle ranch, I cannot wait to be right in the middle of the outback culture. Everyone keeps telling me “Oh its gonna be hard you know luvy!?” like thats going to put me off, sounds fucked up but thats actually whats attracting me, I want it to be really hard work not sure why yet, maybe im secretly into S&M 😉 and just dont know it yet lol.

Anyways back to work tomorrow, for one day and then the weekend???? Stupid unthoughtout management plan as per usual. I havent told work Im leaving yet, sensible decision I think with the eco the way it is Id rather not get “let go of” before I go away or ill be skink as a skint man and living out of bins when I get there.

Time to sleep – Adios.


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