Enough of Canberra – off to Melbourne

I spent about three days in Canberra which was definitely enough. I walked round that city determined to report back that I liked it, but turns out I didn’t. There was just nothing really to do. I can’t believe it’s Australia’s capital city over Sydney. That just seems crazy. 

So I’m back in Melbourne now. 

So far this week I’ve been to the Melbourne Museum. I only managed about 1/2 of the museum in the afternoon! They even had the great Phar Lap stuffed here – a proud New Zealand racehorse who the Australians loved. Not all of him is here though – his skeleton is in New Zealand and his heart is in Canberra apparently.

I have to say I love it here. At first I was a little overwhelmed but it’s so easy to navigate. Also Melbourne has amazing public transportation. So it is super nice.

I met up with a friend of a friend on Facebook on Saturday morning and we went on an epic trip around the city together. Hanging out with her was a great way to kind of see everything and where everything was laid out. Then I have been going back to places I want to spend more time or explore more on my own.

So far I have hit the Queen Victoria Markets which is the largest outdoor market in the southern hemisphere I believer. I have also seen the Melbourne Central Mall and the State Library, which is amazing. Tuesday I spent the day shopping in a suburb called Fitzroy, not to be confused with Fitzroy St at the other end of Melbourne or Fitzroy Island which we went to up in Cairns. It is full of cool places to eat and hip cafes and vintage shops. One of my favorite places so far.

Melbourne is a very hip city. It reminds me a lot of Portland and Seattle and they are known for their coffee. Everyone is very hip and trendy and artsy. 

When I left Canberra this is exactly what I wanted. There’s so much to see and do in Melbourne I’m starting to like the idea of staying here for a few weeks

My answer came as to whether I should stay or not when I saw a sign in my hostel. The Melbourne YHA was looking for work for accommodation people! So I am now doing that so I have a free place to stay for as long as I want in Melbourne, so I’m super excited about how everything worked out. Especially since it is about twice as much to stay in a hostel here in the city than I was paying in Canberra. So I vacuum rooms for two hours in the morning and that is it, and I get to stay free. So I’m saving a TON of money!

So right now I’m just wandering the streets of Melbourne in the afternoons and exploring. Then I’ll start to see what I really want to do and add those things in. But I’m enjoying living in a big city, which is new; I have never lived IN the city before. I just need to make a few friends here and everything in life will be awesome! 

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