Just arrived in Canberra

I arrived in Canberra after a 2 1/2 hour Greyhound from Sydney. I’m staying at a really cool hostel with a pool and apparently the pool has ‘Dive in Movies’ which sounds like a great idea for a balmy summers evening. I went to the supermarket at Belconnen Mall to get supplies. The supermarket was huge with so much choice. I managed to get some familiar food like Branson Pickle and Cadburys choc as well as some classic Aussie items e.g leamingtons, tim tams, milo. There is an excellent bus service from Calvary into the City Centre and nearby Belconnen Mall.

It’s only about ten minutes to get into town or the mall and the buses run frequently. Although, I rekon it might be easier to cycle around. The Rough Guide says that Canberra has the best Cycle Path Network in the whole of Australia. I just need to be careful when I’m cycling at “Roo O’clock” i.e. dawn and dusk though. Sounds cool but probably wouldn’t be if I saw a roo and I was by myself – I’d be terrified!

Canberra is famous for many things…some people say roundabouts and public servants. It is the capital though and there are loads of Museums, Art Galleries, Parks…Not to mention the sports teams that play here, the Brumbies and Raiders. I’m hoping to explore as much of Canberra and the surrounds as I can. Seems like there’s loads to do here – looking forward to getting stuck in! 

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