Seeing Melbourne like a tourist

Melbourne feels like a much older city than Sydney. Sydney’s cool and beautiful beyond words but Melbourne has more of the local feel and feels like a place where actual Australians hang out rather than just tourists passing through. I’ve managed to get a job in a coffee shop with some awesome people and a brilliant boss so everything is pretty sweet for me right now. I’ve also managed to get a sweet deal on an apartment by sharing the room with another girl and we’re near enough to the centre to just get the tram in but out enough to have plenty of places for my morning run.

You’ll be pleased to know that I’m loving life.

Yesterday I went on a street art tour for 3.5 hours. The tour leader Daniel was an artist himself and we saw some of his work in the alleys. He took us through several of the famous Melbourne graffiti art alleys. Some of the work is amazing and artists come from all over the world to “write” in Melbourne. Some of the work is amateurish. There’s an unwritten law about where newcomers should write and where artists can write. Now that graffiti art is so popular, some of the stars also have an issue with conflict of interest in that they need the money they can earn from big jobs, but do not want to appear as having sold out to ‘the man’. 

We had a cool couple from Sydney on the tour and a fit guy from England, from the next town from me actually which was weird. They were cool, and funny. We finished the tour at Blender Studios where the owner gave us another tour. There were sections for about 7 artists.  The studio had a gallery, high ceilings, was very industrial from the outside – so hipster. Wish I could be arty. 

After the trip we didn’t want to end our little tourist day out in Melbourne so at night we did a kayak tour from the Docklands to the City Centre. It was awesome. We kayaked in the Docklands Harbor first and had Fish and Chips in our boat.  The Docklands is an old shipyard and port that is being redeveloped into a huge residential and commercial area. There’s been too much speculation and the prices of the apartments are too high so there are entire buildings that look vacant. I wouldn’t want to live there really – there’s just not enough character to be interesting to me. You know when a place just feels like it’s forced fun? Yeah that. 

It was awesome to see Melbourne at night and one of the attractions of the tour was seeing the Fire Show on the river. Not environmentally friendly but definitely very cool. 

It was fun to have a day seeing Melbourne like a tourist. I’ve been working so hard at the coffee shop lately I enjoyed splashing some cash and seeing the city I’ve come to love, but also seem to have come to take as normal rather than the amazing experience it is. Love Melbourne!

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