Starting My Sydney Adventure

I arrived in Sydney on Saturday at about about 2100 (Aus Time). Although I was shattered after two long flights (I touched down in Hong Kong for an hour or so) I was also excited that I had arrived. It was a relief to see that my bags had made it as I had been on three separate flights since leaving Glasgow.

Casey (my friend that I met ‘one time at summer camp’) picked me up and we drove to her house which is North of Sydney in a suburb called Narrabeen, on the coast near Manley. Casey’s parents and Hamish (Casey’s Westie) had stayed up to greet me. I had met Casey’s mum Robyn after summer camp as she traveled out to meet Casey to tour the East Coast of America but I hadn’t met Casey’s dad David or wee Hamish. All the Murray Clan made me feel extremely welcome and suggested that I have an early night to prepare for the week ahead… On Sunday (I slept right through with some help from Mr Melatonin) I woke to bright sunshine. It was fantastic to see Casey’s house in the daylight as she lives on a lake which leads out to the ocean, its beaut!

I had my first Aussie beach BBQ for Casey’s friends engagement party. The barbie was not quite like my Scottish BBQ experiences where more often than not dad has to move everything into the garage because it’s pouring with rain! Unfortunately we did have some rain Monday when Casey conducted ‘the beaches’ tour. We visited the beach that features in ‘Home and Away’ (Palm Beach) the classic Aussie soap, but as it was chucking it down there was no soap star spotting! The coastline is beautiful though and I’ve taken heaps (such an Aussie word!) of photos. As well as Palm Beach, Monavale Beach, Collroy Beach we drove to the North Head lookout which is near Manley Beach and gives you a gorgeous outlook towards Sydney.

It’s been an amazing start to the trip and I hope you’ll follow along for more!

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