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Best Ways to Maximize Your Workout
For a long time, it was believed that there were only two workouts that were effective: strength training and aerobic workouts. However, recent studies have proven that short workouts are just as effective as the longer ones. Therefore, non-exerciseers doing only two short workouts per week are just as effective as the fitness fanatic who do four to six long workouts every week. The only difference is that the non-exercise group lost weight faster than the former fitness fanatic.

Studies conducted on aerobic workouts also prove that shorter workouts are more effective than the long ones. The conclusion? All the non-exercising individuals lost weight and experienced an increase in their stamina, even if they belonged to different groups. The reasons for these results? First of all, when an individual performs a shorter workout for less time, the body burns more calories because the energy demands are less.

Short workouts also improve the metabolism of the body. Metabolism is the rate at which the body converts food to energy and stores fats. The more the metabolism increases, the more your body will burn calories. This means that when you perform a shorter workout, your body will burn up more calories so you will gain more body mass. Furthermore, long workouts can cause several problems such as fatigue, muscle weakness and injury. Long workouts are also known to produce high blood pressure and heart attacks.

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