Loving Indonesia

So we went and got massages yesterday and then went to The Palace and watched a traditional Balinese dance show of Legong and Barong style dancing. The show was more like a play with dancing and acting and a live band. The theme centered around the fight between good and evil. It was cool to see but the music and style of dancing didn’t vary very much throughout the hour and a half show so we got a bit bored after a while. Plus we still have not recovered fully from the jet lag so we have been getting sleepy by 8pm and the show started at 7:30pm.

Today we woke up and had breakfast on the porch of our room and then headed out for the day. We rented bicycles for $2.25 each for the day and explored Ubud and the surrounding area all day long. It’s a very hilly area so we were exhausted by the end of the day, well really, we were exhausted by mid day but we continued to bike anyways. We saw lots of Hindu temples and rice fields and just the typical town scenery.

The Hindu people here leave holy offerings everywhere. Almost every sidewalk, building, and intersection has an offering in front of it. We had to stop and ask directions a lot and all the people were very friendly and helpful and most people speak a decent amount of English. We were on our way to an area that is said to have thousands of herons that come every evening to nest when Stacey’s bike pedal broke, so we had to turn around. Fortunately, the way home was all downhill. We showered and then went to dinner. The Indonesian food is so delicious and very healthy too, and quite inexpensive.

I like to eat loads! 

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