Time to Chill Out

The next morning we took it easy. Stacey worked on all the pictures we took at Mt. Rinjani and I did some yoga and hula hooping. By noon we went out to check out the town and beach of Kuta and have some lunch.

Then we rented a motorbike for $5 for the day and rode to some beautiful nearby beaches. The ride was beautiful as well. We rode past villages and rice fields and up hills of palm trees overlooking the beach coves. It’s so simple here that it makes the beauty even more precious. That night we had another relaxing evening and woke up in the morning to take another transport heading back to Bali. The transport required a full day, one car, a ferry, and a van. This brought us to a port town in Bali called Sanur. We arrived around 8pm and found a place to sleep and a bite to eat and then went to bed. We woke up early to catch the slow public boat to Nusa Lembongan at 8am. We were told to arrive at the ticket office by 7am though to buy our ticket. This boat transports water and food over to the tiny island once a day and also loads up a few tourists for about 6 times less than the cost of taking the fast private boats that run tourists over there every hour of the day. We arrived by 9:30am and were greeted like usual by owners of homestays. The guy that approached us had a cheap room for us as well as a friend who would take us on his boat to snorkel around the Island Nusa Penida for a few hours for a good price. The whole reason we came to Nua Lembongan was to dive or snorkel around Nusa Penida. The two islands are very close to each other, but Nusa Penida does not have any accommodation on it, only a few small villages.

The island is surrounded with some of the world’s best dive sites according to many divers we talked to. The coral is beautiful there and the other big attraction is the manta-rays. We had talked to other backpackers who saw 10-13 manta-rays while snorkeling or diving there. We had good enough luck to see and swim with 2 manta-rays. It was pretty awesome. That afternoon we walked around the island Nusa Lembongan and settled down at a lovely beach called Mushroom Bay. We brought with us a mask, the Frisbee, the hoop, and some Indonesian whiskey. We played on the beach and in the water for a bit and then relaxed and had a drink with an Austrian couple, Andy and Claudia, who we had met on the public boat that morning and then ran into again at the bay. After the sun went down we rode back into town on motorbikes. I squeezed onto the bike with the Austrian couple and Stacey hitched a ride from a local with a motorbike. The four of us went to dinner that night and then said farewell.

Another end to another perfect day in paradise. Honestly, if I could find a way to sustain myself, I could live here for sure.

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