Anywhere, everywhere… Just need suggestions.

Hi guys, I’m Simone. I know, it’s a female name, but I’m italian and i’m a boy, and my name is the italian equivalent for Simon.
Anyway, i’m 18 and i almost finished the italian equivalent for high school: i have my last exams in july 2016. Then, i’d like to start the university to graduate in some engineering things, supposedly energetic engineering.
But i’m not so sure and i’d really like to have a gap year, somewhere in the world, a place where i can easily stay for at least six months, where i don’t have to get crazy with working visas and hateful stuff like this. Obviously, i mean outside of Europe, i can go to work wherever i want in the old continent.
I love America, i stayed a month and a half in the sunny Florida the last summer and i really loved it, but i know that’s so difficult for foreigners people, even europeans, to get a working visa for USA.
What can you tell me about this? Some other european boy who had been in my same situation?
Thank you very much, i really appreciate it.

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