In the words of Peter Kay..

“Booked it, Packed it, F**ked off”

Well i’m not quite there, and I sure as hell didn’t spend my gapyear money on a plane ticket from Teletext, but the countdown is here!

The summer of 07… as good as it was, washing those lorries for a local catering service while it rained in what was supposed to be the UK summer, I somehow still managed to think that I was better then this, and decided to do something about it.

I was 19.. counting down the days till September where I would begin my second year in University (Computer Science) and all I could think was.. “this. is. my. life”. I could just see the future.. and it was going either 2 ways.

1. Successfully complete Uni, get a job in IT in some city in the UK, married, kids, mortgage, 2 weeks in the Med every year.. great life for some.. but not me.


2. Drop out of Uni, get a job doing anything to make enough money to go out at the weekends and to the local club until i was 25, married, kids, rented flat, trip to Haven once a year.. great life for.. well.. no one.

I eventually decided to not go back to Uni in August and had already made up my mind that travelling was the next step – and not route 2!

This opened up so many opportunities, the world was out there and I actually could go ANYWHERE. So I then had to decide


– Hotels? – When to leave? – Insurance?
– Where to go? – Hostels?
– What company to go with?
– Who to go with? Alone? Friends? Girlfriend?
– How to pay for it? –
– Expeditions? – Visas?
– Backpacks? – What to Pack?
– Injections? –
– Volunteering? – What to do with car? – Work abroad?
– Christmas – to come home? – How long to stay away for?

and Soooo much else. This is when I found

I spent many nights – hours and hours reading through posts on anything to do with everything.

Then when I read a post along the lines of

“Out of every 5 people who really want to travel – only one gets off there
ass and do something about it – the rest just dream”

Well this kicked me into shape..

1. Found new job as Admin Clerk – Temp for 3 months starting November – Sorted I thought – time to plan – time to save – done. Applied – Interview – Success.
2. Quit old job week before starting new one – went smoothly.
3. After reading post after post – I booked my flights with Global Village ( after my first pay cheque from my Admin Job (Deposit £75 – total £750 inc Taxes)

Well that was it, beginning of December, 2 and half months left as an Admin Clerk and 4 months till I was heading off. This was roughly the time I told my family I was going, I had mentioned it but they just put it down as another crazy fantasy and it wasn’t going to happen. Bloody hell were they shocked when I shown them my flight invoice 😆

Although it was still months away, I still had alot to plan. The details of my trip were now coming together and were..

1. I was going with a freind who would have sod all money and his only reason for travelling was ‘not having to work’ – He is going to have a shock when we go fruit picking and he hasn’t done a full days work in his life 😯

2. We were heading

Heathrow (2nd April) – New York City (6 Nights) – Toronto (6 Nights) – Los Angeles (13 Nights) – Sydney and the rest of OZ (1 Year)

after that – all depends on money but the plan is New Zealand.

3. We had no real plans and were just going to ‘Wing it’ all the way.

It is now the 23rd January – the countdown of 10 weeks started yesterday – so 69 days left!

Visas are all sorted
Insurance is all sorted
Final remainding balance of the flight will be paid off in the next week
I have a job in a Pub working for extra money and experience for Oz
So now its just Save, Save and SAVE.

I’ve done countless spreadsheets to help me budget – not working. Although I’m pretty sure il have over £5000 so it will hold out if im working aswell

Ive bought a Camcorder so i’m going to film as much of my trip as possible – will be posting clips on youtube so il link them onto my blog on here aswell as all the photos i’l be taking – just to make everyone at home jealous 😛

Well thats it so far – Should have started a blog earlier, it was on my ‘To Do’ list – so here it is – the beginning of my Gap Year(s). I will try to keep it as up to date as I can with loads of pictures and hopefully it will be both entertaining and interesting for anyone else out there planning on going backpacking.

My few things on my ‘To do’ list as yet are..

1. Save
2. Buy a backpack
3. Pack it
4. F**k Off

I’l let ya know how it goes. 😆

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