London – NYC – Toronto

1st April – Train to London – Stopped at shitty hostel/house

2nd April – Flew to Washington and then over to NYC – used the subway to get from the airport – its a peice of piss after uve done it once – stayed at hostel on 106st (Upper West by Central Park – walked around the whole place and its massive.)

3rd April – Went to Natural History Museum (Saw a blue whale) and Central Park Zoo (Sea lions and a freakin’ Polar Bear. Went to Times Square for a looksy aswell

4th April – Checked into a hotel (4th biggest in NYC, opposite madison sqaure garden) It was lush had plasma TV’s and MSN on the tele haha. Just spent the day chillin’ in the room and went out and about round Times Sqaure again.

5th April – Went up the Empire state building – It was amazing and it was sunny so pics look tidy (Cant upload any on this PC though) then took a bus to battery park then took the boat over to Liberty Island and saw the Statue.

6th April – Checked into another hotel right by Times Square. Went to Ripleys believe it or not and madam Tussauds wax works – Morgan Freeman was amazing. Went to see Spamalot (Musical Comedy show) was which was a laugh.

7th April – Spent the day relaxing in the hotel with the 37″ plasma TV on the wall watching box office films haha. Then we wet up the Rockerfella Plaza when it was dark to see the city at night which was lush.

8th April – Flew to Toronto about 9am which was an earlier flight ‘cos we got there so early. Happy to be in a country where we can drink so went out and made the most of it.

9th April – Spent the day recovering from the heavy night. Went up the CN tower in the evening and had dinner looking over the city while the sunset – romantic or what haha – daz was sick at the top of the CN tower – how many people can say that? lol. Stood on the glass floor which was pretty scary and took the elevator with the glass floor which opened on that day which was cool.

10th April – Took a bus tour from the hostel to Niagara Falls and went up the tower looking down over it which was good – still ice in the water so couldnt take the boat to it and too early in the year but was still amazing to see. Went to a wine tasting place on the way back so obviously i tried as many as I could and brought 2 bottles back with me. Went to Hooters for a meal which was… different ha. Then went to a comedy night and then to a bar for a couple more.

11th April – Spent the day recovering from last night. Beginning to see a pattern here? haha. Went to the cinema just around the corner and watched 10,000 bc which was pretty good.

12th April – Realised there is not alot to do in Toronto other than what we did so went to the cinema twice lol – saw Vantage Point and Never back down – both pretty good

13th April (Today) – Probably going to have another lazy day as there is fek all to do – fly to LA tomorrow so cant wait.

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