Tough Situation HELP

This may sound crazy to some people and some people may not understand what I’m going through. Hopefully there are people who do understand and can offer me help out there!

Me and my two friends have had plans to travel across Europe for a long time. We made our plans in September and at that time I was very excited to go! We are starting in the UK and then flying to Istanbul where we will make our way along Southern Europe over to Portugal and then up to the Netherlands where our trip will be ending in Amsterdam.

Our plan goes across a span of 4 months, leaving next month on January 8th and returning home early May. This scares me… a lot.

I have been having anxiety day after day about the trip. The reason for this is because I think I have bitten off much more than I can chew. I am not the best at being away from home and feel like I will be miserable and homesick for most of the trip.

Also, I have recently got into a relationship with a girl which has become pretty serious. We decided that we are going to stay together when I’m away but I’m worried about how its going to work out and also worried about how much I’m going to miss her. Being away from someone you love for 4 months cannot be easy and I do not want to spend every night falling asleep crying thinking of her back home… I’m kind of emotional…

I know some people will look at this and think that my situation is ridiculous and I should be happy and excited to travel Europe with my friends, and you are probably right! But I am very worried about how I will feel when I’m over there and how it will be missing my girlfriend. Has anyone been in a situation similar to this? Should I shorten my trip and meet up with my friends in March? Am I being completely ridiculous? 🙁

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