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I have realised, that i have been on this site for over a year now, and i havent written a blog. Partly, because i really am not a confident writer, ive always been more oral, been able to describe my excitement through my elaborate hand movements.
Well, when i first joined this site, i wanted to go to Europe- i still do, to me there is a certain connection there, most of my family are there. I like the idea that i can go to the little village od Paduli, knock on a door and go im related to you, can i eat?
But due to my eagerness, i dont have enough money to go there, this year. So i have decided to go to India instead- why? I have no freaking clue, i had a rough week, went on here and saw a post about it. Looked up volunteer placements, found one i liked and here you go. I leave December 14th for 8 weeks of Indian adventure, food and the dehli belly which i suspect doesn’t only occur in Dehli.
All i need to do now is pay for the flight and the visa, and im set. I am doing it this week, despite putting it off constantly. I guess i need to take that plunge into something new- i will gladly put two hands up to say that im shit scared! I suppose what will really affect me is christmas day, when i know that my friends and family are going to be celebrating. Also, new years eve was suppose to be the first year i went out with just family and im missing it. But then i think, hell im going to India the land of historical significance (history geek) the land where everytthing clashes. Hell if i can survive India, im sure i can survive anything?

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