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Updated 15 years, 8 months ago

Hello, I'm in blistering hot Dar Es Salaam. The fucking humidity! it's
actually a very cool sortb of place. The only problem is the distinct lack
of amber nectar- it took hours, literally, on my first night trying to find
one. So I don't think I'll hang around town for long but will spend the next
few days chilling on the beaches over the bay and working on my tan- save a bit of cash too. Its great old town though; bustling streets, but not much
hastle or any hawkers. Nice old colonial buildings sandwiched in with arab
influenced architecture. Loads of cheap open air eating places at
night-fantastic barbied meat and fish, nan breads, chapathis etc. Walking
back to my hostel from the bar after quite afew ice cold Safari lagers, I
realised it was my Lariam day and the beer was reacting, as usual, making me dizzy and disorientated. I got completely lost, wandering round in circuits of a sweaty, still Dar. At least i did until I fell down a manhole, much to the amazement of various chaps lying on the otherwise deserted streets. I crawled out swearing like a trooper and tried to give them a winning smile and cheery wave as blood poured from my knee and ankle. One has to maintain the British sang froid in such trying circumstances, though how much dignity I mustered as I hobbled away is open to debate. Yep, fucking dickhead, alright.

On bus down on Tuesday we were crammed in, the heat unbearable, as lunatics tried new and inventive ways to try and see just how much the good Lord wanted to save them from 100mph pile ups. Changing scenery of mountains, sisal plantations, palm trees, acacia scrub and thatched roof villages provided the backdrop to this driving drama. The aroma of sweat, feet and spicy food(recently processed by the alimentary canals of various fellow passengers) combined pungently to provide an unusual accompaniment for Ella Fitzgerald singing the Cole Porter songbook on my walkman- not quite what the great man intended when he wrote Night and Day or Begin the Beguine.

Anyway gotta dash


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