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East coast part 4

Updated 15 years, 8 months ago

I know these are coming thick and fast but I am a trifle behind in my
updates, so here goes the next chapter.

I thought I was supposed to be staying in Noosa, but I only got a brief
glimpse of a road and bus stops through the torrential rain and gathering
gloom, before a "Peter Pan" minibus scooped me up and whisked me to
"Neverneverland!" It was pitch black outside so I had no idea where we were headed, the monotonous beating of the rain on the roof did little to lift the spirits of the ten damp backpackers squeezed in to the back of the minibus. Once we finally arrived, getting wet again bringing in our bags, "Neverneverland" (Ridiculous! Every time one of the staff mentioned the name they blushed in embarrassment) seemed wizardry-free with no chaps in funny green hats flying around. For this I was glad, as, not being ten years old, I don't really care for such things anymore, especially when damp and disorientated. What I really needed was a beer. Luckily i was rooming with a group of Scousers and they managed to find the nearest bar in seconds- an old- fashioned Queensland hotel 200 yards away, through rain and darkness.

Beautiful building with well-maintained old fixtures and fittings and a
large open verandah, where we "Got de fookin' ale in", as i believe they say in Bootle. Ended up with take out booze sitting around the fire outside our place for the rest of the evening talking about rubbish with all those from the hostel. This set the pattern for the next five evenings, a superbly relaxing and cheap hang-out, totally remote, huge log fires, very cheap wine and discussions on philosophy, politics and the potential England World Cup squad.

Our hostel was actually another classic, old, wooden Queenslander hotel,
raised on stilts and a balcony running right the way round. A great place.
It was situated in a tiny community at Boreen Point on Lake Coothararba (or something) in the middle of a national park. The Scousers and I went off for a walk down to Boreen Point in the national park, cycling then walking. Got chewed alive by mossies, but got really close to loads of Kangaroos in a huge grazing group. They didn't seem bothered by us, just eying us curiously as we smacked our necks, slapped our legs and scratched our ankles. We spent that evening sculling beer around the fire, covered in antihistamine, waiting until midnight for the FA Cup Final to come on BBC World Service on our scratchy old radio we'd "borrowed" from the hostel (Yes, the Scallies acquired it. Whether the hostel knew or not is open to question). There were about twelve British lads sat around the fire talking footy and all went for Chelsea, "surprisingly" the Arse had no support, so it was a sombre mood that befell us when Arsenal scored their second. Hearing Alan Green's excited tones crackling over the fire in such a setting was quite odd, but much better than watching, what was apparently a crap game, on telly.

Spent a great few days there, really remote,relaxing and chilling out. Did not want to leave, but then it was on to Brisbane and staying with Ben and Jodie. Three or four days of excess later, i felt pretty much a spent force, but had been round to see plenty of the local sights. Great boat trip up the river, pubs, viewpoint over Brissy up the mountain, pubs, walking through the botanical gardens, pubs, pubs, pubs. Had a superb time and great to catch up with them(Cheers again you two- I'll see you when I get back to Oz).

After such debauchery, Byron Bay was the perfect place to kick back, relax and do nothing. Well, I had no choice but to do nothing as by now i was severely low on cash. I headed off there hungover and feeling seedy, looking for the healing, hippy, Byron vibe, man, to ,you know, cleanse my aura, yeah. Or something along those lines.

To be continued......

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