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It’s not hard to feel that Ferdinand Porsche had something to do with devising the 4WD car. Porsche is credited with inventing the first 4WD car in 1900 for an Austrian truck manufacturer. Some records show the entire year was 1899, but whatever the year the initial 4WD vehicle had electric hub motors on each wheel and the engine powered a generator for its energy source. Porsche’s innovative four wheel drive layout was utilized by NASA seventy years later to power the wheels of the initial lunar landing vehicle.
The first mechanical 4WD automobile was constructed by the Dutch company Jacobus Spyker at 1902. It had a transfer case and drive shaft so it’s considered the very first 4WD car. FWD designed vehicles to the army during the First World War.
Although the first 4WD cars were aimed toward military and truck use, a technological transformation procedure has taken place through the years. Now, four wheel drive cars are made to appear just like their 2WD siblings, but they act like their 4WD truck cousins. The benefits of driving a four wheel drive vehicle start from the wheels, which are the focal point in those new street and off road warriors, but there are different features that compliment the performance of the four wheels. Most 4WD cars give exceptional service without a lot of high cost upkeep.

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Irrespective of the road conditions a four wheel drive car will prevent wheel slip which is a significant characteristic in off road operation. Mud and ice are no match for the grip action of a 4WD drive car. Control in unusual conditions is another benefit that many drivers ignore until they want it. A 4WD car handles like a dream once the streets get tough and the trail becomes a rock infested nightmare. Lift kits are available to increase operation when off road travel is a daily requirement or when traveling in the outback becomes a monthly family excursion.

Another important benefit is that the towing ability of a four wheel drive automobile. The unsuspecting who venture out from the nether-world in 2WD vehicles frequently have to be towed back to civilisation, and that can be a costly lesson unless they’re fortunate enough to have a four wheel drive car companion that could tow them back to security. The towing capacity of a 4WD also is useful when trailers, boats, and other possessions need to be moved from one stage to another.
The safety features integrated in 4WD cars create them reliable off road mates. The anti-lock steering, performance suspension systems, interior security features, larger rims and exterior lights all contribute to off road car safety.
Appreciate Off Road Fun In A 4WD Car that Thinks It’s a 4WD Truck:

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Some people can not put their thoughts around driving a 4WD truck because of its dimensions and the awkward handling problems, but those very same people have no problem driving a 4WD car that offers better management, easy maneuverability, lower maintenance and repair costs, and all the security features of 2WD drive cars. Take a Visit to Mannum Caravan Park, Barossa Caravan Park, Lake Albert Caravan Park, or Nutt Bush Retreat Caravan Park and enjoy all the joys of a 4WD truck in a 4WD car. The world around Australia is filled with magnificent all-natural wonders. They patiently wait to get experienced by adventuresome mates who leap off the ledge of 2WD limitations, and input the free falling, but safe world of four wheel drive automobile excitement.

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