Sweet Smells of Bangkok

This Blog will be honest.. that’s for sure.. Three girls arriving in Bangkok was slightly scary to say the least, especially when being the first destination on our little adventures, but we managed to get a cab for about 2,000 baht (approx £20), now to me that’s not too bad, but apparently paying 100 baht from Bangkok airport to Koh San Road is about right.. So always remember to barter with the Thai taxi men, as it will 100% work!

We landed safely after a 24ish hour journey of business plans, rude Chinese people and “funny stories” and a nice easy, comfortable flight with the lovely British Airways…. Arrived to bustling, busy Koh San road, where our hote, Koh San Palace, was.. Very central location, not top of the range but it did the job as it had a pool and was close to the sights of real Bangkok…The 3* hotels in Thailand are on a totally different scale to the 3* hotels in the UK, so it’s important to realise and check this! Checked in & at the pool getting the first of our sunshine and tan lines and being blown of the rooftop pool as it’s so so windy! …

The hotel didn’t look the most attractive from the outside e but is cute on the inside, with a little roof top pool and garden! Thank god.. Roughing it would not be my idea of fun! We were staying on Khoasan Road, which is meant to be the place to be and it does looks fun but it certainly isn’t Mexico or Egypt style hotels… Some cute bars and lots of cute jewellery and hair accessories 🙂 – no good for me as my case was already over, so no more clothes shopping allowed! Apparently, There’s a bar that’s a converted VW, but we didn’t manage to find that, it’s meant to be worth a little visit! Evening one, we were all struggling on our feet.. so decided to stay local and experience a bit of Bangkok Night Life..

If your after a good night life then Koh San Road is definitely the place to stick around. There is a fab Irish Bar, Shamrock, which is buzzing any time, day or night. It always has nice, easy cheap food if your not looking to be too adventurous on the food front…We started in Shamrock for a few drinks, as the waitresses are really fun, bubble and polite, as well as listening to some of the Irish accents- yummieee, as we all know the Irish love to go to an Irish Bar where ever they are in the globe.. Day two was a day of exploring what Bangkok had to offer.. We took a ride in one of Thailand’s famous Tuk Tuk’s to this tourism place and there was a Swansea boy working there and he was stoned off his face, so just a head’s up that most tourism activities are best to be booked before leaving the UK, as Thailand’s work ethic is so funny, as in it doesn’t actually exist! Put it this way, if any of them worked for me – they would last 2 seconds.

It was hilraious as Steve (the Swansea boy) shouted something in Thai and this little Thai girl popped up from no where- maybe it was a location joke but had us in giggles! Apart from his lack of customer service he managed to persuade us to go and see a Thai Show, visit Kanchanaburi with a perosnal tour guide,visit the Floating Market and Tiger Temple in Bangkok.. Other than being completely ripped of by this guy.. I am glad I took part in all these trips as they were all amazing experiences.. In the evening, we headed to see the Siam Niramit show in the world’s biggest theatre. Granted, the theatre and stage was amazing- it had a river on stage, rained on stage and even had elephants on stage.. And I didnt even know you could train chickens! My first blond moment arrived, after a scene in heaven was being acted, there was a building in the back ground of a temple and me not thinking asked why Big Ben was in heaven.. Mmmm..

However, the show was a very very cultural experience, maybe a little too out their for my personal enjoyment, but was worth seeing for the size and style of the stage and theatre… As well as the show, there were temples to visit, an all you can eat Thai Buffet, in which the food was gorgeous, displays of traditional Thai houses and elephants that you could touch and stroke, so all in all was a successful experience. Only bug bear, was that we had to get a taxi in rush hour from Koh San Road to the business district of Bangkok.. Good job the taxi’s are cheap, cheap, cheap there!! After the show, we headed back to Khoasan road and found this funky bar called Gazebo, which is rooftop bar-come-club where balmy winds and nocturnal city views mix into a heady cocktail.

A talented guitarist that was playing Jason Mraz and that sold it to me, along with the tasty Mojito’s probably one of the best I’ve ever tasted, each one costing 4 baht (about £1).. So as you can imagine Mojittos were flowing and very yummy and even though we were going to have a quiet night because of our early start they were going down quite nicely, so We spent most of the night in there. We met the most beautiful Italian investment banker ever.. He was gorgeous.. And minted- what more could you ask for?! The clock struck 12 and it was now my birthday 🙂 the band sang me happy birthday which was sweet! Closing time then arrived and we had to find somewhere else to go so we ended up in the Irish bar with two french boxers, one really nice & pretty sure the other had split personality disorder! Rolled in at 5am with an 8.30am start to head to the floating market, some waterfalls and to see a tiger on my birthday 🙂 yipeeeeeee !!

The sex tourism here is insane.. It is so interesting to watch, and is something that is very intriguing making me want to learn so much more about this sad industry that a lot of young thai girls get into!! Me and Elena were watching about five Thai girls/ lady boys (we weren’t sure) walking up and down the strip and hanging around hotels until 5am, just to ‘pull’ a tourist.. It is something that you should respect and understand that when visiting Bangkok, you will see a lot of and it is normal day to day behaviour for them and not to judge them.. The first of August , day 3 in Thailand has arrived being MY BIRTHDAY!! 😀 my 22nd year will start in style and will never been forgotten … We went to Kanchanaburi, which is about 3 hours drive out of Bangkok..

We had a personal guide who was the cutest guy in the world- such a friendly guy and showed us the ropes. He blasted some Celine Dion, Cliff Richard, Stevie Wonder.. We were loving it- what a brilliant start to my birthday!! We’ve had a busy busy day- first thing we all were struggling with tiredness but when we arrived at the floating market, we perked up.. We hired a boat at the Floating Market, which was pricey compared to other trips in Bangkok but worth every penny. He took us around the floating market with fresh fruit and fresh Thai cooking being made and sold on tiny tiny boats, with cute little stalls and shacks on the side of the river.. 🙂 – its a bit of a culture shock seeing how some of them live in dirt and them all being so friendly!

Next on our agenda was Tiger Temple- a monastery that keeps tigers (although the tiger bit is pretty self explanatory) … It absolutely tipped it down and we were soaked from head to toe but had our piccies taken with a baby tiger, which made it worth the soaked through shoes and scruffed up hair… This is one hundred percent a must do whilst in Bangkok, as how often can you get to be with these incredible creates close up?! A definate recommend from me! Then Mr Suchart (goon has named him Mr Chow) took us to this BEAUTIFUL waterfall near Death Valley.. It was the prettiest thing I’ve seen..

Me and Josie being the little adventurers climbed the waterfall to the top, then Elena and Goonie braved it .. (it was still raining at this point, but excitement took over not to care- and that’s impressive for me, as rain is not my friend)… We climbed back down almost falling on ours bums, infact Elena did! Me and Josie then got in the waterfall pool..! I know, me at home with nature- who would’ve thought! A three hour journey back to Bangkok from Kanchanturi was slightly tough on us all- so we had a sing song with Mr Chow and Stevie Wonder and had our nap before my birthday night out!

My birthday night out was the best thing I’ve ever experienced! We went to one of the 100 top rated bars in the world.. Sky Bar on the 64th floor of a 5 star hotel.. The Bar had the most amazing views of Bangkok, with the classy reputation to go with it!… Cant wait for you all to see the photos..!! The people there were ridiculously rich and I put on my posh voice in hope a hollywood actor would sweep me off my feet..

This is how I see my life in five years!! .. An actor however wasn’t  present so we had some photos, a drink and admired the view before heading back…. To sum up Bangkok, it is a definate definate must see of Thailand.. The thai street food is gorgeous and it is what keeps the locals in business, the pork satay, the insects are one for the taste buds and worth a taste…the people are friendly and down to earth, the atmosphere is buzzing.. Just don’t judge it on first impressions, as this city is most definitely a grower!

My Top 3 Recommendations whilst in Bangkok: Tiger Temple & The Floating Market Taste an insect Visit the Sky Bar for amazing views of the city (Sunset is something that I wished I did) Enjoy 🙂 L xx

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