What Gapyear.com Did For Me

With over 10 years spent in education, I can almost smell the freedom that comes from leaving the structure of school… but then again, what structure do I live by after that? On second thoughts, that smell of freedom is a bit nauseating.

How are you supposed to know what you want to do with the rest of your life at this age anyway? I can just about decide what I want for dinner, and even that at the best of times is a struggle. However, some are lucky enough to already be on the path of developing the process of their desired career. Myself? Lost in a hole of uncertainty would be an understatement.

I am currently in the first year of studying my A levels at sixth form and already I was anxious as to what I was going to do with them once I had finished. I was clueless and in fear because I didn’t know what I wanted to do and it seemed that everyone around me did. I found myself looking at universities when I didn’t even know what subject I wanted a degree in! From that, I decided that I didn’t want to go to university straight after I had finished my A levels, but what else was I to do? Enter the room – gapyear.com.

I had come across gapyear.com when researching options after education. Travelling had always been an interest of mine anyway and something I wanted to explore eventually. But to come out of sixth form into the big wide world and to leave everything familiar behind always appeared very daunting to actually go through with. What do I do if I run out of money? Where do I stay? What if there is an emergency? But of course, gapyear.com had it covered. Budapest was one of the places that I’ve travelled to that made me want to travel more.

They offer amazing support to answer any questions and provide tips on money, health, food and many more areas to enhance the excitement of travelling rather than the natural panic. They also offered potential job and voluntary placements to help you achieve while travelling. I’m guessing that going back to normality after a gap year can’t be the easiest, so having unique experiences you have gained skills from can boost your CV a lot! It just seemed almost too good to be true.

They had also made me realise what I would be gaining by travelling and what I would regret if I didn’t; an extraordinary experience of different places, events and cultures; an opportunity to meet great people with a mutual value for travel; a sense of exhilarating freedom and independence; and most importantly, the life long memories to look back upon all these things. Travelling when I was younger.

In this day and age, university is the strongest promoted option to take when leaving sixth form or college. Many people take this option as a result of the confusion as to what they truly want to do, as well as those who are certain of their future. The truth is, opportunities to fulfil personal ambitions are endless, once you know what they are. Gapyear.com have made me realise want I really want to do and have inspired me to travel across the whole of Europe, especially Italy as I have always wanted to explore the country in depth, from the top of Trento to the bottom of Sicily. Their job section also motivated me to pursue my interest in writing, as they offer plenty of journalism placements all over the world.

I’m hardly going to be short on things to share once I have seen the wonders of the world. I don’t know exactly what career I desire at the age I am now, but I do know what I want next, and that’s a start. Thanks, to you guys!

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