24 days

Only 24 days now until me and the dread locked Norwegian fly out to Aus for a year. Whilst saying good morning to the business newspaper man outside Guildford station, as I do every morning, it hit me that it could be the last time I ever see him again. So I'm trying to make the most of every time I see people. Maybe tomorrow morning, I might actually take a paper off him, or buy him a coffee… or give him a little hug goodbye.
On a positive note, I am so very excited to be reunited with my Aussie fam in Brisbane further along in the year 🙂
Froy and I have started packing our wardrobes into our tiny little backpacks. The rest is going on ebay. I'm sad I'm selling my leopard print hooker shoes that I've only worn once and my Dm's that I can only wear for 1 hour before I'm left with blisters the size of 50ps. We are now left with 5 shorts between us. 5 shorts for a YEAR. For those that have seen my wardrobe, you will know how hard I will find it. I can't believe I won't be able to wear my leather jacket for a whole year, it's my second skin!
Anyway, not to sure how to end blogs as this is the first one I have written. I might take note and read Anna H-W's so I can sound less of an idiot…

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