It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting out on my balcony looking out at the Anzac bridge and harbor. Sydney will be home for a while until I am reunited with my froy froy. We have been apart for about 3 weeks now. We are having our own adventures. It’s weird how we always said we couldn’t travel without each other. When we first arrived in Melbourne, everyone we met said they came traveling with someone and then they went their seperate ways. We couldn’t understand that. Being half way across the world from home it would be pretty scary by yourself right? But then we both needed different things. I ran out of money and froy still needed an adventure. The funny thing is, I don’t feel like I’m not with her. It feels like when she tells me what she’s doing in new zealand, like working on a chili farm, hitch hiking, and eating chocolate fondu on a beach, I’m doing it too.

I’m back fundraising again. Trying to save some money for my next adventure. It’s strangely harder to work here than Melbourne. People in Sydney are just not as friendly. I have had people sticking their middle fingers up at me, been hit on by countless bogans, and got threatened with a punch in the face by a meth head. But It has helped me make some pretty cool new friends too 🙂

The love wagon has come in handy whilst i’m here as there are so many beautiful national parks in NSW. And lucky for me, my beautiful German friend is rediculously awesome at organizing weekends away. Driving along empty roads, with kangaroos and gum trees surrounding us. It’s when I truly realize that, shit, I’m in Australia!!!

My flat in glebe is awesome. Jade, my Aussie flat mate, is such a babe. One tipsy evening, with our friend Amanda, we decided to go and steal a cat and have a kitty sleepover. So off we went, down the road with a glass of goon in hand, in search of a pussycat. We found a gorgeous black and white one, but for some reason, he didn’t want to hang out back at our pad….walking back empty cat handed and only a stolen mug to show for our troubles it looked like we had given up. And that’s when I saw him. Dark and mysterious, looking sleek and muscular in the moonlight. He stood in the middle of the road making inviting glances at us. It wasn’t hard to coax him over with promises of milk and sardines if he came with us. Michael, or orbit as his owners call him, fell into my arms and I carried him back to our flat. He now makes regular appearances at ours. Meowing as he climbs the stairs. I have made a lifelong friend in him. And I don’t even like cats.

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