Hospital care in Thailand

Just a quick one as I was searching for hours to find a review like this on healthcare in Thailand….

It’s the inevitable when travelling south east Asia. You’re going to get it. All the delicious food, so many street stalls and night markets with amazing aromas filling your nostrils, you eat until you’re stuffed. Then you wake up…..let’s put it in nicer terms… tummy.

its supposed to last no more than a couple of days and boy do you feel shit, all that bacteria jiggling in your belly.

But when  days turned Into weeks and with the energy levels of a slow loris, it was time to visit the hospital.

I panicked. Silly old me thought I was better than insurance and could survive anything and put off going for so long because I was so worried about the cost of healthcare…..



I went to the Bangkok Christian hospital where they had plenty of English speaking staff. I was immediately weighed (lost 5kg whaaaaat??), blood pressure, temperature and heart rate. After a 15 minute wait I then got to see the doc who diagnosed an intestine infection (delightful) and dehydration.
10 minutes later I was pumped full of fluids then sent on my way with lots of vitamin replacements, antibiotics and painkillers. 
I repeat….£25 for all of that and such quick and efficient service!! In total I think I was there for 2hrs and I’m aleady feeling  a hell of a lot better.

my advice is don’t put it off and wait until you get home. It really costs nothing  and to have my energy back  is AWESOME. 

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