I eye fuck for a living

Melbourne is bloody expensive. $8.40 for a beer in a backpackers bar….seriously?! So we realised that if we wanted to carry on our travels here, we would have to work to pay our way.
We were advised to try out gumtree for some short-term work vacancies. After coming across various call centre jobs and an advert for ‘international female company’, we both managed to get interviews at massage parlors as ‘trainees’. How naive could we be….. after telling Scottish Steve of our luck, it dawned on us what these ‘massage parlors’ really were……needless to say i never turned up for that interview.

As luck would have it, after wondering the streets handing in CV’s, we bumped into some charming fundraisers who offered us a job there and then. We work for an amazing charity trying to get people to sponsor children in poverty stricken areas.
We have been surrounded by men pulling down there trousers, Froya got written a letter offering her a massage and a cup of tea, a CD and a crystal, free gym entry, various numbers (including a woman’s!) ,Facebook adds, power rolling……i could go on forever and we’ve only worked 7 days! It’s all about the ‘eye fucking’, getting people to sign up, but usually this results in them thinking we are hitting on them.

We have also got a tiny little flat in the center of Melbourne. It’s a 1 bedroom with 4 people sharing but the view is incredible. We live with 2 Korean girls who rarely talk to us. Froya has a phobia of long black hair after finding clumps of the stuff everywhere. I now hate rice as it was covering every surface, including the floor. After a lot of bleaching, scrubbing and hoovering, it’s now in a stable condition. We take it in turns sleeping on a blow up mattress but we wouldn’t change it for anything!

Melbourne already feels like home. We have a chameleon replacement called ‘Fluid’ where you get 6 free jugs of beer if you get 10 people together.
We have also met some amazing people that we will hopefully remain in touch with from all over the planet.
I feel extremely lucky that I can share my experiences with my best friend. It’s almost as if we have merged into one person now. I miss Froy if we hang out with different people that night and even then, that is a rarity. Even with our new job, if we are put on separate sides of the streets it feels weird!

We’ve been away for a month now. I miss my family, Matthew and my friends dearly especially the girls. But if i was told i had to fly back imediately, i would be devastated. Bring on the next 11 months!

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