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Ok, I admit it…..

Updated 4 years, 6 months ago

I'm homesick.

It's been 8 1/2 months since I left the town I was born and bred in.

Every time a post from 'Woking Spotted' pops up on Facebook, I am genuinely jealous of 'the men wearing skinny jeans that make their legs look like fucking golf clubs'  and I secretly wish that the post about the girl on the 91 bus with red hair.....damn!' was about me.

I miss going down to O'niels every Friday, Poppins with the girls on a Sunday morning, but most importantly, people of Woking, dare I say it, I miss you. 
The most reassuring thing is, although I've travelled half way around the world and done the most amazing things I could possibly dream of, Woking will still be the same when I get back. 

Current location in the land of Aus is Perth. Think England on a summers day (Yep, freezing),  a mixture of Melbourne and Canberra. Just the right amount of artsy and just enough people to not think that a zombie apocalypse happened whilst you were sleeping.

This place will be home until I leave Australia for my next adventure....Asia! 
The plan so far is a month in the Philippines, then backpacking across Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.  
Fingers crossed I return safe!

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