So long Melbourne, hello Brisbane

Current location: Lawnton, Brisbane, Tony and Sue’s house, balcony.
It’s a world away from the busy and exciting life in Melbourne. Instead of getting woken up by drunk yobs singing football songs and cars beeping their horns, I’m greeted with the calls of exotic birds (ok…magpies) and the buzzing of crickets.
Froy and I have had some amazing experiences in Melbourne the best by far was the Great Ocean Road. Travelling in a 4×4 ford with 3 other Brits and a Belgian chocolate boy. The first night was interesting…. We found a nice spot to camp, by a river, hidden by trees. It wasn’t a legal camping site but we asked one of the houses nearby if they were ok with it. We had found an abandoned house with a BBQ so we went to borrow the grill so we could cook our meat. When we came back we found a tent missing. Turns out, a lady had walked past our fellow girl Brit and told her she was calling the police. Chrissie is the sweetest, politest lady we know and managed to turn it around so that we ended up camping in the angry lady’s front garden, using her BBQ, shower and toilet and drinking her beer and tea!!
Another highlight was swimming under and climbing a waterfall. As many of you know, I’m terrified of water after nearly drowning at the tender age of 7. Climbing the rocks towards the huge shower of death, my heart was in my mouth. But standing underneath it with heavy droplets hitting my skin, I don’t think I have experienced a feeling quite like it. Euphoric.
What made Melbourne so special for us, we’re the amazing people we shared our time there with.
Matt, our Childfund brother from another mother, made fundraising that little bit special. Talking in a Scottish accent, quacking, winding up people that couldn’t speak English, sticking up for us when men with shaven legs call us average looking and dogs…..
Then our lovely English/chocolate family who we shared many a drunken night with, falling out of shopping trolleys and acting like big kids playing 40/40.
Finally, I’m going to leave you with a quote that changed my last 2 weeks in Melbourne for the better.

“We are travellers. Nothing lasts for eternity here except of the stories we share. And that’s why it’s amazing to meet exciting people from all over the world.
There is nothing to be afraid of.”

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