I’ve Found my Home: San Juan del Sur

I feel like I’ve been totally sucked into the black hole of San Juan del Sur. I ended up meeting some really cool people and I actually just haven’t left yet. I’ve been here since my last post and feel like I’ve finally found my travelling flow. I think I was just being a bit negative about everything before and it wasn’t helping me to have a good time. 

I’ve been staying at a place called Hostal Villas del Sol. It was very nice, very clean, very scenic, and at the top of a very big hill San Juan del Sur San Juan del Sur . It was run by an extremely sweet old lady and was up a huge hill. It was cool but not for meeting people so I askd around and found a cool social hostel at the bottom of the hill and that’s when things started to go very right, or very wrong if you’re my liver. 

I was sharing a bathroom with six surfers that were sharing the one room across the hall. It was a great way to get chatting, and y’know, they were a lot of fun. *wink*. 

They took me surfing at a remote beach south of town called Playa El Remanso. My friend Tracy was skeptical at first, but after meeting my ‘special friend’ Cory and seeing the beach all was good. We went out with Cory a couple of other times, once back to Playa El Remanso, and once to a very hidden beach where I had one of my best surf days ever on a 9’5″ Robert August longboard. If you like me alot you’d buy me one.

The Republika Bar become our social nucleus and we met and befriended several cool people there including: Brad, Harrison, Cooper and Jeff from Canada, Mike and his dog Peanut from the States, and Thurman from the States. Thurman stopped into SJdS for a couple of days and ended up moving into an apartment. This isnt uncommon here. There’s plenty to do in SJdS. We spent most of our time on a beach somewhere, and saw lots of beautiful sunsets. One day we rented a four wheeler to go exploring. It was insanely hot that day, but we had a great time anyway. Then there was the day we went just off shore to go fishing on a “sunset cruise”. We caught tons of fish, mostly tuna, met some nice people, had some beer, and Tracy drove the boat for a while. Then we brought some fish to a restaurant in town where they cooked it up for us. There was so much fish. If you’re ever looking for a chill place in central America and think Costa Rica is too touristy (it is), head on down to San Juan Del Sur. You never know, maybe you’ll end up getting an apartment there! I’ve definitely been trapped here, by the fun, but I write this on my last night as I’m off to Honduras tomorrow! 

Scuba diving, yes please! 

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