I'm 17 years old and wanting to go on a gap year in 2014 maybe a year later but the places I want to go are very different than the typical holiday destinations that I am used to.
I would love to travel to South America – Peru, Rio de Janiero, Brazil and then onto Australia to visit Sydney and / or Perth, then I would love to visit Asia – India, Japan, China (Tokyo). But, of course, none of my friends want to go where I want to – I am too nervous to go by myself seeing as I am only young and it would give my parents less stress on their shoulders if I went with a friend.
I have heard bad things about South America but I still want to experience the culture! I want to see Macchu Picchu (I hope I spelt that right haha), I want to walk through the Amazon in Brazil and then see the Jesus Christ Monument in Rio.
I am also worried that I have been quite sheltered. I have only ever been on holiday to real tourist spots so I am nervous that when / if I do go on this trip, that I will end up hating it, or just wanting to go home.
A year is a long time, so what if I am not cut out for it? I have no idea what to do, if I don't go on the trip then I know I will regret it big time.

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