Memories of the Guys in Cordoba

One of the best things about travelling alone is the constant stream of lively and interesting people that you meet in hostels. I’m not sure why but the four Irish guys I met in Cordoba were particularly memorable. It’s not that they were eccentric or even unusual but they were funny and there were lots of little things about them that made me laugh.

That night, we decided to have a few drinks at the hostel before we went to a club but we didn’t have anything to mix with our bottle of vodka. One of the guys had been to Brazil and claimed that we could make Brazilian cocktails by mixing the vodka with water and sugar. As we soon discovered, the sugar didn’t quite dissolve and settled at the bottom and because we only had one spoon between the five of us, we had to quickly stir our drinks and skull them.

The guys were quite keen to meet Argentine girls. Ireland, they claimed, was sorely lacking in attractive girls. I was very drunk and wanted some fresh air so I sat outside and left them to it.

Two Argentine guys noticed that I was alone and approached me. Although I could not speak much Spanish at the time, I found out there was another club that everyone was going to and they invited me to join them. I found the Irish guys and our newly formed group left together.

On the way to the club, the Argentine guys somehow managed to befriend four Argentine girls and talk them into joining us. The second club was also about to close so we wandered the streets; the Argentines stopping every now and again to knock on the doors of residential homes. Presumably they thought there might have been a house party going on.

We must have been wandering around for hours because by the time we decided to give up and return to the hostel, the sun had come up. One of the Irish guys spoke decent Spanish and invited the Argentines to come back with us. Although we weren’t sure if they would be allowed in, the owner let us sit on the rooftop.

A few people in our group coupled up and every now and again, they would disappear. One of the Argentine guys persisted in trying to win me over with his charms – a valiant effort, I suppose, considering we could barely communicate with one another. I purposely sat away from him and undeterred, he turned his attention to one of the Argentine girls.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sleep but I decided to go to bed at midday. I had left a lot of stuff on my bed but I couldn’t be bothered repacking my backpack. I lay down and bent my knees, trying not to knock any of my things into the mess on the floor. I fell asleep and despite the awkward position I woke up several hours later, feeling strangely well rested.

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