The Ancient City of Ephesus & Virgin Mary House

Ephesus Turkey’s most popular travel destinations and travel to and from the advertising and documentary proof of any country in the ancient Greek from the port city of civilization. This is a piece of each of the many civilizations that have been influenced by and have a thick culture is a mosaic of the tip of the continent of Asia a port city at the destination can have and this is the closest to Europe around 1,000 in the city and have lived here for more than humanity. all roma There’s 40,000 people here Hippodrome cities of the empire, which is considered to be a real sense of the gladiators in the arena fighting game, and a lot of competitions take
place in the area and is right next to a large theater hall. Even today, a very special events are held here. Mermerli way to determine the outline of this place and this place was a street on the left to the right of the statue are a lot of fountains and monuments. Here is the largest home and here is the second largest building in the royal advisory council of the Company. Fenugreek is lined with two king-size statue is a magnificent work of art.

Inside the two-story library, which is the symbol of this place consists of a single floor, this architecture has been to take a lot of light is very nice. Here are the slopes of rich living and here is a stock center The public sitting. Arabian peninsula and the island of goods from Asia to here, the value of all kinds of vessels sold in europe or les and from there reaches the whole world. Silk, gold and silver articles in the areas of trade in goods, carpets and rugs, and the things that people within them. It is very rich in scientists and artists from all over the world a place here, there lived a very valuable people. Agriculture, animal husbandry
and trade more than the people here in It takes lives by.

After a 30-minute walk of the Virgin Mary house house house on a hill with a cross-shaped, and this is a small place, a place of worship in this woodlands restarasyon and serves as a museum after the renovations. Here is a great deal of time each year when the Bible is read and ceremonies and rites maintained. Yıılda 1968 by the pope officially registered place of pilgrimage. Here was very pleasant and soothing candles and pray to sew. Here a fountain According to popular belief there are drinking water and a cloth or paper are here wishes and willingness to accept the wishes of the author, and bustled ties here. I was very impressed and the Virgin Mary

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