Troy & Gallipoli

Troy tour from Istanbul to Canakkale after a journey of four hours can reach destination on this trip with a very comfortable ride and the highway pleasant. Canakkale is a very special event in a very historic town square where you’re located here, as it has to be spread over two continents of the city is primarily is a charming place. 30 minutes by car from the center of the city of Troy after a journey of the excavation area can reach Troy. This is exactly layers, each layer consists of 9 units as a separate city, and this means that it is built on the structures available in each nediyet the oldest bronze is estimated that the earliest age of 1,000 years is thought to be the highest. I hope you understood how important this place is a place.

This place is as old as human history always there in the castle and in the defense and protection of habitats Maclin made​​. This area is forbidden until 1986 very slow, and then again granted permission to restarasyon done without harming the environment. Very small, so here is the big one that is seen ephesus Hippodrome and here there are all kinds of games, competitions and theater made ​​the show. There is a small and very cozy place with one church and of course odesa epics ileyda something very beautiful and cute at the Troy board. Troy movie starring Brad Pit Canakkale horse sculpture on display in the coast.

After fighting a kind of the last gentlemen fought in Gallipoli and any other country that is friendly or not. This ANZAC soldiers in the first world war stickers istanbul won his place in attack this purpose or be seized. But this is where many bloody battles tough battle tactics, try a lot of gallipoli There are tunnels and trenches and fighting in meters. People here have always helped each other in battle. By 24 April each year, the post-war anzac ANZAC Day as a day of celebration and that the descendants of the soldiers memorial meeting here in Australia New Zealand and the turkey is done on the participation of the Dust-ranking officials are. Private tours and excursions are organized here all the time to come here, or regular. Is made of a new museum in recent years Terms of clothes, and that day about the
documentary here are the soldiers in the war. This is not a war zone is no longer the place where a break in friendly countries.

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