A new begining

On 22nd June, 2007, an era came to an end. 40 years ago, in 1967, I qualified as a doctor. In between, a marriage, emigrating to a different continent, two kids, a career as a GP, mortgage, school fee, loss of wife and son, daughter’s wedding, creating two surgeries from scratch and nothing to a three doctors practise, I can only say that life has been a roller coaster ride. Would I like to re-live my lie again? Yes, of course, to a great extent, but minus my losses.People of my town gave me their unstinting support to me to succeed and achieve something very few people manage in life; professionally, socially and financially.

So where do I go from here? There is much more to life than writing Penicillin from morning to evening. A life of leisure, travel, and charity. Having not taken holiday for last six months, I am combining the first two and heading off to Kenya on 26th June. A life of leisure for me means cycling, painting, photography, reading and sundries.

I have been to Africa on safari in 2000 and 2001, visiting Zambia, Zimbawe and Botswana. Been there, done that; so why am I going again? Not really to watch Lions and elephants and zebra, but to witness the greatest show on earth. That is, migration of wildbeest and zebra across Mara River. I am told that they are assembling at present. I sincerely hope they decide to jump in the river in thousands and cross while I am there. But then, it is them who decide when to cross, they won’t cross for me because I have come from England to watch them do so. It is not like going to theatre or cinema with certainity that the show will start at 6 PM !!

My BA flight depart at 8.30 PM on 26th June, arriving Nairobi following morning. I do not know if I will have Internet access in safari lodges. I am, though, taking my diary to jot down daily my day’s experience and thoughts. I shall be putting it in here on return.

And what do I mean by a life of charity? Well, I have a qualification and a skill that benifits those in pain and sufferings. I wish to spend some of my money to build a small Primary care/ health education centre in one of the poorest country in Africa. I have in mind Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. They don’t have natural resources, nor any industry. They don’t blip on the international radar screen. People are dirt poor. I just pray that I remain in good health as I am now physically and, young as a youngster in mind.

O’ yeah ! I mustn’t forget to pray before boarding the aircraft that “God, please show me all creatures, but please don’t show snakes and creepy crawly creature that you created in your moment of momentary lapse !!”

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