INDIA, here I come….!!!

Well, 25 more days to leave for India=, Nepal and Bhutan, a trip for 8 weeks away from home. It is the longest I will be away from home, but then I think it is essential from various point of view. (These are secret !!). In a way, I am really looking forward to this trip. I want to explore the country away from tourist trail, visiting places no one goes, seeing hidden ancient monuments, places of natural beauty, and sights rarely seen by others. India is a beguiling country.

Jet Airways leave at 8.45 PM on 12th October from Heathrow. This direct flight arrives following day at 10 AM in Delhi. So what is the first thing I have decided to do ? well. Head to Karim, Jama Masjid for delicious Mughlai dishes. Karim’s great-great grandfather used to be chef to Moghul Emperors. Following dismantling of Mughal throne, they opened “Dhaba”(restaurant) for the commoners. When I first ate there, I instantly realised why Moghul Emperors and their kins used to die so young. These succulent delicious and rich dishes were eaten three to four times a day. Being very rich in Cholesterol and fat, it would clogged their artery, leading to high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and hear attack.

But I am alright. I eat only two to three times a year at Karim…!!!

Having just read William Dalrymple’s book,”Last Moghul”, I would be exploring Moghul Delhi as described in the book. This, inevitably include British in 18ht and 19th century. Then a visit to second hand book stalls on the pavements of old Delhi. Khan Market. And I mustn’t forget to get my mobile phone unblocked and get a local sim card.

I am not relishing drive from Delhi airport to my hotel. The most thrilling and hair raising adventure I know of is a taxi ride in India. Sheer adrenalin pumping. But sit back and shut the eyes. No sight, no fright..!!!

And I must keep my temper and impatience under control when dealing with rude, arrogant and discourteous Indians. To be honest, these natives get on the nerves.

Well, it would take a week or so to get in the system of “Incredible India”. And, thereafter, just enjoy.

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