To India tomorrow, then what ?

So tomorrow I board the plane for Delhi, India, in a stae of confusion. During my eight week stay, where should I go to see what. I am utterly confused. Pay a visit to Bhutan ? or into Nepal for a week trekking high up in Himalayas ? or go down south for a fortnight sight seeing tour of South India ? Choices are endless but this is what make me confused. 😕

I think I should stop thinking now and leave it till I arrive in Delhi on Saturday morning. A warm shower followed by warm Indian beer and lunch at Karim, Jama Masjid, might invigorate my sixtyfive year old brain to decide one thing or the other. Now, after retirement, I hate routines and deadlines. Quite likely, this may be the reason of my confusion. And I mustn’t forget that brain at my age is always confused a bit..!!!…. 😳

So, India… here I come..!!!… 😛

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