me and ghana

The boy has returned home a man. Right, let me tell you about me. I’m a student due to attend Keele university in 2014 to study philosophy and economics. Why 2014? Short answer: problems. Anyways, life goes on and so I felt I deserved a break from doing nothing for the past 13 years except gaming, breathing and studying. Not hard though lol. So I have come back to my childhood home in Accra to rest before I go back and start studying seriously (that’s an unusual concept to me) but play harder( this I can do). 
I have been in Ghana for 2 weeks now and I noticed some major changes in my hometown. Main one, thank u god for the INTERNET. Internet is now easily accessible in most places. Now I can continue my candy crush saga and talk to my friends on Facebook.  There’s also cinema. But this is the best news. FREE LEAGUE MATCHES from England, Spain, Germany, Italy and many more. Thank u god. As u recognize, I’m a true Ghanaian.  Being serious though, Ghana has changed so much since I left or UK. The country now has a major shopping mall, computers are in schools and they have new roads.
However, the country is still reliant on foreign help and aids to deliver services to those struggling.  The same old problems that’s happening across the continent of Africa is reminiscent in Ghana: Mismanagement of resources, small investment in education and many, many more. The country is rising slowly but surely.  However many people in Ghana has the image that Europeans are rich. How wrong they are.  But hey, the good things never changed: my home, my family, the friendliness, the angry drivers and this is very important. Are you ready? THEY STILL SELL TAMPICOS (fandango for modern Ghana). The greatest juice you will ever taste.
If u have time come to Ghana, specifically santa maria, Soweto, Accra.

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