Sydney – Melbourne

Time for part two!

Shortly after the last blog I was trying to kill time and so I went to the bar at the wake-up. They had cheap food, steak and beer for $9. They were playing beer bingo there, which seemed to be an easy way to get free beers, and so I played and won a couple. Whilst there I was chatting to an Australian couple from near Perth, who offered me a place when I eventually make it there, which is cool! Was also talking to Gaz 2, who is making it to Melbourne in a few days and who i’ll meet up with. I didn’t really want to leave the bar then as it was shaping up to be a good night but i had to get the bus to Sydney. Annoyingly, I found that I had lost my coat so I had to go without it. When getting on the bus, which was 12 hours long, I was both semi-drunk and tired and the combination meant I managed to sleep more than 10 hours of the trip.

I arrived in Melbourne at 8am and headed to the gapyear recommended hostel Nomads Industry. I wouldnt recommend it here to others though to be honest, for various reasons (like walking in at 12pm to see a french guy ‘enjoying’ the company of someone. Lovely). The hostel seems quite small and unpopular, and I have found it difficult to really meet people. Only really chatted to a girl in my dorm called Sarah.

My first day in Melbourne I spent firstly looking around on the free shuttle bus. it takes you to some places. Due to fatigure though I only stopped at the Immigration museam (which was useless) and at the Yarra river for some fish and chips which were amazing! I arrived back at my hostel at 12 and slept until the evening, when I went to the bar with Sarah for a drink and then watched a movie. Today I needed to try and find a job, so I went on and posted a few things out and then went onto the free circle line tram to look around Melbourne. Up until this point I was a bit underwhelmed by Melbourne, but looking around on the tram and getting away from the vicinity of the hostel was good and I began to get a feel for the city. Whilst riding the tram I got a job interview, so I am off to that tomorrow at 10am. It’s call centre work which sounds awful but it is also $20ph.

I was booked in to the neighbours tour ($40) that afternoon at 1.30. Overall I would say it was worth the money. The tour of the street itself was a bit crap, and the lady running it seemed to be dissing Neighbours quite a lot which is never a good idea when I am around! What made the tour worthwhile though was meeting Dylan at the end, he was a legend and we got to talk to him for about an hour and ask questions about the cast. It made the tour worthwhile really!

After the tour I went out for a drink with an Australian girl, Lara, but had to come back to the hostel due to fatigue.

I will write more when I am more awake, and hopefully when I move in to a hostel in ST Kilda!

Gary x

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