I got a job!

Hello again,

Since I last posted on here I have been enjoying Melbourne a lot more! I went to the interview and was offered a second interview later that afternoon. The idea of call centre work wasn’t actually sounding too bad after doing a run through of something which we might be selling. And it’s only for a couple of months anyway. I went to the second interview, but it was a way away and I was running late, so I had to catch a taxi there which cost $25. I would rather have got on the tram which would have cost $3.30 but I didn’t want to be late.

The second interview went well and I was the only non-Oz person there, so it will also be a good way to meet some locals, some of which were good window dressing! They rang me about half an hour after I left to offer me the position, which was good. I managed to get a job before running out of cash!! Wahoo! The job starts on Wednesday.

After this I went to my hostel bar to celebrate, but after three beers I was exhausted and went to bed at about 9pm. I must have been suffering jetlag I guess, no other reason why three beers would kill me! The next morning I woke up and went to the beach at st kilda. There were some great views and I got some awesome photos (which one day will be posted on here) and travelling at this point felt awesome! despite the cold weather. I stopped at the pier there for some lunch which was resonably priced at $10.

I returned to the hostel bar that afternoon (4pm) and had a few more beers with some people I had met the night before. There was a club open that night which we all had free entry for, and which gave away free champagne and beer between 11 and 1. But again my body let me down and I went to bed at 10, for which I did recieve some stick!

Today though i feel awake for the first time in Melbourne and my knee also seems to have stopped killing (note to others: don’t sleep with your legs straight resting on something higher than you all night, it destroys your knees).

Today i’m off to book into another hostel and bum around town for the day, and then tomorrow i’m booked into the neighbours night ($35)

Speak again soon!

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