Everybody needs good Neighbours!

Hello again!

Been a while since i have posted up on here, just haven’t had the time to get on. but doubt i’ll remember to post everything i have done on here!

The Neighbours night was an awesome night, I met Karl again and he remembered me. max was there but he was a bit of a twat, Libby was there (hammered) and I met Dylan again. Unfortunately my camera had been stolen (although three days later someone returned it to me??) from my bag so I didn’t grab new pics, although Andy who I had met in the hostel and gone there with got some for me. The night was a good laugh and I entered the dancing competition, although (and it really WAS a travesty) I didnt win.

The next couple of days are a bit vague, mainly consisting of getting pissed in my hostel with random people and then going to bed! Met some cool people in the hostel though, such as Yuri and Randall. There was also an unintentional gapyear mini-meet between me and Sugarpops99, which was random! But also a good mini meet 🙂

I started work on wednesday, now selling newspaper subscriptions! It’s actually an alright job, as the product is easy to sell and the people that work there (apart from the bosses and the odd tosser) are really nice people.

I had an awesome night in the base hostel on thursday with the people from my room, Kat, Nat and Matt, and I think i’ll stay here for longer, it’s alright here. It was free champagne for the ladies (meaning they get me free champagne too) and the two guys I met that night, Barry and Harry, had fun laughing at our rhyming names all night!

This is brief becasue i’ve left it too long and done too much stuff to remember, but i can safely say that the last few days and nights have been the best in australia easily.

Check out my facebook for a few pics!

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