It’s work time


Not been doing much sightseeing or anything during the last week, I seem to have got into the pattern of going to work, coming back, getting drunk and sleeping, and not much else!

On Tuesday Sion arrived and we went to do the Trivia night. He won two free pitchers of beer during a game and then we came third place and won two more free which was good!

On Wednesday we didn’t really get up to much, just played some cards and chatted.

We had a night of goon drinking in our room Thursday (Me, Kat, Nat, Angela, Barry and Sion) which got quite messy after a few drinking games and resulted in me missing work the next day!

Friday night was a good laugh as well. I went out with some friends from work, all Aussie’s and a Kiwi and I can safely say I outdrunk them all! The three that were left with me by the end of the night all called in sick for work the next day!

Yesterday was another gapyear mini-meet between myself and moon metro (lou and mark) which was a good laugh! they seem to be loving Melbourne as well!

That all I can update on really, work is going alright!

Gary x[/img]

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