The last week…

…i am struggling to remmber what i have been up to in Melbourne! this is bad! On tuesday I did the trivia with some south african and aussies i had met, but unfortunately we lost the $100 bar tab on a game of rock-paper-scissors!

Monday and tuesday night also saw the influx of people described as ‘twatpackers’and i didnt really sleep as a result, but sometimes you have to expect to be pissed off in shared accomodation!

On thursday night I was convinced to dress as a girl for ladies night (and the free champagne) so i’m sure these pictures will emerge on facebook soon!

On friday I went to a club in town with some girls from my dorm room (hannah and ellie) but it was a bit shit so i left! Was talking to an aussie girl on the way home, alix, which was good!

Yesterday I went back out into the city with some people from work (matt, dan, lucrece) and we found some really tiny little clubs that are hidden down back alleys. melbourne is full of them, which is way better then all the commerical chains which we have at home. they play a wider range of music and have such a better atmosphere! anyone going out in melbourne is advised to wander the small roads and see what they can find!

Today I did some sightseeing. I went to the Realto tower, which gives you views of melbourne from above, and was really amazing, worth the $9 entrance fee! After this I went exploring around the docklands and then saw a live band which was free. There’s so much to do in melbourne and you’ll never get bored whilst living here! just wandering around the city will ensure you find something to do!


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