South Africa……

Hi everyone!
Sorry ive taken so long to do this, whenever ive been on the internet ive only really had time to do a quick few e-mail. Anyway, here’s what ive been up to the last 3 weeks…..

Week 1

We left home monday afternoon after a very tearful goodbye on my part 😥 and arrived in Cape Town after a long journey, on Tuesday evening. Our first day in Cape Town we just walked around looking very English and trying to get our bearings! The second day we had a lovely day on the beach, the weather was perfect and i got a bit burnt with my sunglasses on, so Char’s got a lovely picture of me with big white circles around my eyes! etc.

On friday we got the intercape bus to a lovely seaside town called Mossel Bay, which i loved! Nice to get out of the city, and our hostel was really chilled out with lots of hammocks, dream catchers etc, and nice people.
The first day we got there was Grace’s birthday so we went out for a really nice meal which cost hardly anything at all! I tried some of nicks fresh Ostrich which I wouldn’t recommend! I wasnt impressed when my mussels were served up with caviar and I ate some by mistake! It was horrid!

Also whilst in Mossel Bay, John Nick and Clare braved the shark cage diving and loved it, whilst Char Grace and I took a more relaxing Elephant ride which was amazing, one of my favourite days so far! (see pics!!).

Week 2

On the Monday we got the bus to the next place along whats called the Garden route (basically the coast to the east of Cape town).

To cut a very long story short we stayed in a hostel which was in the middle of being sold and so didn’t end up paying! So that was cool, and we met some interesting people there (mostly a bit weird!) but had some fun BBQ’s (or Braai’s as its called here).

On Thursday we moved on to the Treehouse Forest Lodge for one night which was gorgeous, for 5pound each we had a log cabin in the forest and there were deer, chickens and all sorts roaming around, it was really nice.

That weekend we stayed in Plettenburg Bay which was S.A’s answer to Newquay – so lots of McFly lookalikes and billabong clothes, you get the picture! We had a good night out there and also went on a horseback safari which was another of my favourite days! We saw Zebra, Lions, Giraffe, Hippo’s etc, the Lions were great, I never realised how beautiful – and huge! – they are.

Week 3 – come on guys stay with me, you only have to go through this once a month!

At the beginning of the week we moved to Wild Tongue Lodge in a place called Tsitsikamma. The views were the best yet, and on the first night the sky was so clear we decided to drag our matresses out onto the balcony (probably not really allowed…) and slept under the stars. It was so cool with the mountains, a full moon and I saw FOUR shooting stars! Only made one wish though, didn’t want to push my luck….

Whilst staying there we went on a few nice walks and to a monkey sanctuary which was fun, the monkeys are saved from captivity and eventually released into the wild so it was all for a good cause. We also had another beach day, and Grace and Clare did the highest bunjee jump in the world! 😯

Now onto my favourite bit! We went back to the treehouse lodge for 2 more nights and we all did a tandem skydive! I was so nervous but it was the best thing i have EVER done, and im definately doing it again (sorry mum!). Seriously, if you can pluck up the courage, do it, its nothing like you’d imagine and its so so so much fun!

Well you’ll be pleased to know thats it really, were back in Cape Town now and going on a tour round Cape Point tomorrow then catching our flight to New Zealand on Monday.

Im having a great time,despite missing home sooooo much at times, but I expected that. I miss you all lots – missing Dave more than i ever imagined but luckily been managing to keep in touch enough for me to not jump on the next plane home!

I’d love to hear from you all, wouldn’t want to be missing out on the goss! Hope your all okay,
Lots of Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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