New Zealand…

I am so bad, i havn’t written on here for a whole month! So it might be a bit long.

After I last wrote, we went on the Cape Point tour in South Africa which was really good, only about 14pound each for a personal tour round the whole Cape. We went to Boulders Beach, where a colony of penguins live, it was so strange seeing penguins living on a hot beach! In the afternoon we went right down to the Cape of Good Hope. We climbed up to see the amazing views, there were so many secluded little bays, it was worth the climb. Just that day we saw Baboons, Tortoises, Ostriches, and a huge Heron, all in the wild just wandering around!

Next we were off to New Zealand, and our journey from Cape Town-Johannesburg-Sydney-Auckland took 2 whole days! Horrible! Our first hostel in Auckland was equally as horrid with lots of hairs in my bed, oh the joys of backpacking! Our first day in Auckland we went on a free tour which showed us the main sights, and we went to a volcano in the middle of the city which has cows grazing in the middle of it (its not active!!).

Clare and I changed our bus passes to just do the top of the north island so basically we split up from the others but because the first half of our pass was the same we kept bumping into them along the way. First we went to my favourite place in new zealand, Waitomo, where we visited the famous caves. The glowworm cave was beautiful, the rock formations were amazing, and after walking through the main cave you float down the river on a little boat and the top of the cave is covered in thousands of little glowworms!

Our next stop was Rotorua, which is famous for its geo-thermal activity, which basically amounts to steam pouring out of the drains and from the ground all over the place! It looks really strange, and stinks of egg. We went to Wai-O-Tapu thermal wonderland, the landscape is so crazy its like another planet! I hope the pictures do it justice! We also stopped at Huka falls this day, which you can see in the pictures.

Well, the next thing I did will amaze you all…..I got up at 5AM and did the Tongariro crossing, a 17km walk up a mountain! Me, yes, I did that! My camera decided not to work which was really annoying but ill get some off everyone else and show you when im home. In short, it was totally worth it but totally tiring, it took 7 hours non stop and my legs were shaking by the end because most of it was extreme up/down hill.

After that, me and Clare decided to hire a car to go off the beaten track a bit, up to the Coramandel Peninsular. It was beautiful but as its winter in New Zealand we couldn’t really make the most of the beaches and everything.

Then, as the weather was getting on our nerves and we had spent a fortune, we decided to fly to Fiji early (just me and Clare), so see the next blog…….just when you thought i’d finished writing!…….

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