Fiji….my favourite place in the whole wide world. Ever.

We flew to Fiji, and the night we got there it was baking hot and the people were so friendly, I thought yep, im gonna love it here!

We arrived late at night so the next morning we got up early and got the boat to our first paradise island, Waya. It was typical paradise, as you can see from the pictures, golden sand and turqoise sea. However, the accomodation left a lot to be desired, it was like being on a reality tv show to see how long you could survive hahaha! But it as really worth it. Our dorm was so cramped you couldn’t even fit your backpack between the beds, and the showers were ice cold. The food wasnt very nice either, but I appreciated the weight loss!

We stayed there for a few nights and met some really cool people who ill hopefully keep in touch with, then we moved on to the next island, Wayalailai. I even like the name!! (i love Fiji a bit too much). The beach here wasn’t quite as good but definately nothing to complain about and the accomodation was much nicer with really good entertainment, fire dancing etc in the evening. We met lots of nice people there too, and Clare persuaded me to go snorkelling with sharks!!! I did another Bridgette episode, I kept getting water in my mask and up my nose, haha. Once i got the hang of it i relaxed a bit and the coral and sharks were really cool. They were reef sharks, so apparently not dangerous but they looked pretty scary to me!

After about a week on those 2 Islands we went back to the main land and then caught a boat to Robinson Crusoe Island where we met back up with everyone else which was nice.

This island was a bit tacky with the games they played in the evenings and stuff but most evenings we just chilled out in the hammocks.

We made jewellery from coconuts, and I kayaked round the island a few times. Most of all it was sunbathe-eat-hammock sunbathe-eat-hammock, it didn’t take me long to get used to it!

I was gutted when we left, if only everyone I miss had been there it would have been perfect!

So then we went to Australia for a random 3 days! Really long story but basically we cut it down to 10 days because we all spent too much in new zealand, and in those ten days we were going to road trip from brisbane to sydney because thats all we had time for. But…..because it was a bank holiday weekend, there was not one car available anywhere, until i would have been too late to do the journey.

So basically we decided to cut our losses and get to Thailand. So were on Koh Samui now, and everything is so cheap its sooo good. As we’ve still got ages left, were probably going to travel overland to Cambodia and Laos, but were not sure exactly what we’ll do yet.

Right, thats it you’ll be glad to know…..E-mail me, I miss everyone so much and it feels like ive been away much longer than 2 months even though im having a great time. Hope everyone is ok, can’t wait to see you all.

Lots of Love

Ps, There are a few pages of pictures, I think most of you missed the 2nd page last time. xxx

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