Results Day

So today is that dreaded day where most people aged 17-18 are biting their nails and pacing back and forth in front of computers…all (not so) patiently waiting for their A-Level results and whether they have been accepted into Uni or not.

I am one of these people.

Today, I left the house at the painful time of 7:30 to arrive at my school to get my results. The infamous ‘Track’ went live at 8:00…or so they said it would. Instead most people already knew by the time they got in whether they had a place or not. I’m not too big a fan of plans changing so this really threw me!

So clutching my un-opened envelope containing those little letters that are in reality so small but have such a large impact on my future I managed to drive (carefully and slowly) home. Getting home I calmly shut my bedroom door, put on some music and turned my computer on. Of course as technology hates me it decided to take it’s sweet time to load up but guess that was inevitable!

Once the log-on screen to track was displayed on my computer I faced the decision that had keep my friends and I in heated discussions: which to do first – open the envelope or log on to track. I decided to open my results first.

I was pleasantly surprised at my results – I’m by no means an A grade student but I got Bs which I was more than happy with. Also somehow managing to get nearly an A in English Lang (must have been a fluke or miscount!)

Then I logged in to track. Should have been simple – log on, get accepted or rejected, cry or celebrate, end of. Well, things don’t go my way at the best of times and today was no different. I had been accepted into my insurance but no word had come through from my firm. So I played the waiting game…and heck I waited!

So I took the initiative to check online to see if anyone else had had the same problem…it didn’t seem any really had so I (on a desperate whim) tweeted my firm and they actually answered, followed me and sent me a DM to ask for my details so they should check. And within 10 mins of me messaging them I refreshed my track page and there it was – my confirmation in purple and white!

So for anyone getting results, waiting for confirmations, sorting out clearing, planning gap years and stressing all I can say in my totally non-expert and novice opinion is BREATHE! hang in there, it’ll be fine whatever happens.

Get in – Great, Don’t get in and have to go through clearing – Still Great. Clearing works – I have friends who went through it and came out the other side.

So that’s me done, I will never (most likely) walk through those double doors to my school again…I’ve been there 7 years and my head teacher still didn’t remember my name!

I’ll leave you with this: remember what ever happens it’ll be fine and there’s so much support now from your friends, family, teachers, your school, UCAS, universities…and in the words of Noah And The Whale…L.I.F.E. G.O.E.S. O.N.

GOOD LUCK to anyone still waiting!

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