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Games are mostly played for pleasure and for the purpose of entertaining oneself. Well, games are structured for humans to enjoy and occasionally to keep one from being idle. Gamers play mainly for pure amusement, for the sense of achievement that includes playing games, and occasionally for the reward that comes with it. Some games are actually regarded as work because they require much effort to be put into them.

Games can be played as an individual, as a team, and can be played online. Gaming is believed to build character and teach subject. Playing games as a staff teaches leadership skills and responsibility too. Playing games as an individual is in the form of puzzles or experiences or strategy which helps to enhance rational thinking, and improve concentration. Games are made up of the basic components found in fact which includes challenges, rules, goals, and interactions.

Why you should play online games

Ever seen gamers and you asked yourself”Why do they play games?” Well, scientific studies have proven that gaming generally enhances psychological, physical or both physical and psychological stimulation which can be used to develop basic human skills like difficulty, and other practical skills, exercising the brain. Other benefits of gaming include enhancing coordination, aiding in improving memory retention, enhancing attentiveness and concentration, improving the brain speed, multitasking and improving social skills.

The above-described advantages of gambling are what the games available at friv games offer to gamers. Some games require extremely large storage size for game and as such, cannot be played and readily accessible by all. With games from friv games, you get to enjoy low-sized online games that target improving all of the cognitive skills that gaming has to offer. Better, you can access it from your own mobile, personal computers, or your desktop computers as long as your internet connection is stable and on. Friv games offer a whole bunch of free online games for game players to pick from; old and young that you could play to keep you busy and keep your mind function intact.

Some of the games available on friv are:

Sprint Club Nitro

This is a car race game in friv game online games supplied for gamers who are interested in racing on asphalt fields. Sprint nitro is a nine thrilling tracked sporting game from friv games with nitros offered for catch and at the end of every track from the woods through the city to the desert, there’s an option to upgrade the acceleration and other gears for better performance of your selected car.

Penalty Shootout Multi League

This is another athletic game available for online play at friv game in which you get to select your group, choose to be the kick taker or the goalie, you decide the side you want the ball to go, the level you want the ball to go along with the intensity of pressure you want for the ball to be kicked. It’s like reality and you are playing on your terms.

Pilot Heroes

Fly over different fields, be a hero of men and women wounded from perishing. Rescue lands and houses from fire and at the same time avoid barriers that would come your way. Experience what it seems like a pilot flying over to save lives because lives matter.

Extreme Kitten

Play extreme kitten by flying longer over areas with kites, soccer, trampoline, flying and lying about. At exactly the same time, avoid obstacles that will slow you down. Power up by amassing stars. The longer the distance you cover, the more stars you acquire and the more power you up do, the longer you can take the kitten into the air and cover more space. Playing extreme kitten instructs you to study and pay attention to details. Details such as what makes you achieve more and what slows you down.

Virtual War

It’s a two-sided performance war game; one side to leap, the other side to take, simple to play online game which attracts contra the game back to memory. Proceed through thickly set battlefields and war with the opposing sides. Shoot down tanks, avoid mines, jump from 1 plain to another taking down enemy forces.

Street Pursuit

Want to know what it feels like to be a hustler? You can start virtually by playing with this free online game. With street pursuit, drive through the street in search of the greens and pile up a couple of Benjamin Franklin. At exactly the exact same time, drive through roadblocks, avoid other street hustlers in search of greens and the cops roaming the street just like you. The more you crash into them, the lesser your accumulated funds depreciate.

Jumpy Ape Joe

Brings Mario into mind. Thus, if you miss playing Mario, give jumpy ape Joe a trial. To make the enthusiasm raise, you’ve got the game online at Friv games. Be the ape, jump, gibber and grab the bananas available for your take. After all is done, jump into the door and move to the next level.

Basket Monsterz

You love the NBA and feel it is too serious for you, or you love the NBA and at the exact same time love vampires. Basket Monsterz is your game you should go play on the internet. With a mixture of basketball dunking and vampirism, have fun choosing a zombie player and dunk compete with your opponent. It is stage by stage so that you get to unlock different characters with various skills.

Super Hex Gems

Is a mystery game for those who love racking their brains to match puzzles into where they belong and in the right order. As the title HEX implies, all gems are hexagonal in shape and you must play against the tie because as time elapses, points fall.

Speed Pool Game

Pooling may be an interesting game to play. What makes it interesting is the lack of the stripes and the spots. All you have to do is have fun with the game and pot in as many balls as you can. But you’re gaming against time. Speed pool games instruct you time management in an enjoyable manner.

Don’t be afraid to head to friv game for your online games. And it is an experience you won’t regret. May the game be with you.


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