38 Days and counting!!

Hey all,

My name is James and im about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. After working at a large Telecommunications company for the last 8 years and completing my degree part time last year its time to do some serious chilling/drinking in some wicked countries.

Right then, time to get the normal who am I stuff out of the way…… I’m 24, will turn a quarter of a century while on my travels…..god that sounds old!! I was supposed to go Oz two years ago to watch the Ashes series with one of my mates but that fell through for various reasons so a few years later I decided to do it myself and even better work is keeping my job open for me too….What a Result!!!!

My planned route is Cape Town -> Port Elizabeth -> Perth via (J’Borg) -> Auckland via (Sydney) -> Christchurch -> Melbourne -> Sydney -> Cairns -> Singapore -> Malaysia-> Bangkok

Strangely I fly Xmas eve I was hoping to go just after crimbo before the new year but it was soooooo much more money so this year I’ll be spending Christmas day in Cape Town which sounds so glam!! I’ll roughly be spending a month in South Africa, 1 month in NZ, just over a month in OZ and 3 weeks in Asia…..so coming back the 30th April just in time for the final games off the footie season.

Many people have asked me what do I intend to get out of this time away??? Well apart from getting away from everyone hahahhhhhaha im kidding I’ll miss you all honest!!!…..but to be quite honest im not too sure i hope to meet loads of really cool new people from all walks off life and see some seriously beautiful things (mountains, jungles, sunsets, rainforests etc) and not just the inside of lots bars around the world, well that too!!

Anyway better pretend to do some work.


Ps. 38 days to go, not that im counting or anything 😀

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