New Year’s Eve, Shark driving and the Cricket

Hello me again got a spare 30 minutes so time for another update!!

Had a superb new year, and new years eve I went Cage diving with Great White Sharks!! As you all know its one of the main reasons for coming to SA and wanted to do it for as long as I can remember.

Well the day started very early 5.30 but least there was a 2 hour drive which surprise, surprise I slept pretty much most of the way hashaha. After signing the normal if you die its not our fault forms and a light breakfast which a few people including me were to see again later :0( We were off to sea!!

After dropping anchor after a 20 minute ride at a damm quick speed we were at our destination, by this time everyone looked excited but nervous and within 2 minutes off been there we saw our first shark a 2 meter “baby” one, so time to drop the cage into the water!!!

The cage hold 2 people, and you just have a wetsuit and goggles on and perch in the cage above the water and then duck in the water and hold your breath when the shark is about, sounds easy and it was apart from bricking it and the cage moving everywhere with the waves and when they swim into it!!!

There were about 10 off us on the boat and all got 2 or 3 goes in the cage and we were extremely lucky that we saw 8 different sharks that day including the daddy!!! A faking whooping 4.5 meter shark and my god it was huge, at which point someone shouted the line from Jaws, I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat!!!

It was the most fantastic day even though it got very choopy towards the end and something i will never forgot and got some fantastic pictures.

The rest off new years eve was spent with a huge smile on my face and watching the sun going down at Camps bay, then lots and lots and lots off booze at various bars.

The next 5 days were spent at Newlands for the cricket which i wont go into as England played awfully all test, so what do you do when England aren’t playing well????……You drinkeven more and sing even more and bouy did we do that, especially when Harmison was whacking it around on the 5th day.

For the next 4 days I’m off on Safari in Krugger National Park, cant wait for that.

Miss you all, i’ll update in a weeks time.


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