The Garden Route

Hello everyone!

The South Africa leg of my trip is nearly at an end, its going so fast!! Since my last update from Kruger, I have been traveling ‘overland’ towards Port Elizabeth, stopping off at a few towns along the way. All these towns are in an area known as ‘The Garden Route’ with most off the places beach resorts.

Leaving Cape Town, I hopped on the baz bus and my first stop on the garden route was ‘Mossel Bay’, a nice place but quite small and quiet but a nice beach thou which i only got to see till the next day as we were flooded in and bouy did it rain, almost made me feel homesick!! Lovely hostel thou and really nice friendly people.

After one day in Mossel Bay’ hoped on the bus, and moved to ‘Knysna’, set near a lagoon, well actually its an estuary but lagoon sounds so much nicer!! Really nice place, good waterfront area where I saw the 2nd half off the Boro V Everton game…Get in there Tim Cahill. The following day had a lovely trip on a Catamaran to Knysa heads then an Oyster tour and tasting which was lovely but never knew it took a long time for them to grow before you can eat them.

Next stop was George well actually it was a shuttle bus to somewhere else starting with O, but for the life of me I cant remember what it is but similar name to the former Blackburn striker Egil Ostenatad anyway a wicked hostel stayed up very late playing drinking games after a wicked Ostrich Braai.

The following day went to the Cangoo caves which were amazing, fantastic crystals and rock formations inside and its always fun crawling about your hands and knee’s apart from one off the girls had a panic attack, so we were left to make our own way back!! Then off Ostrich riding which was funny as hell and my good do they go quick and as you probably guessed I did fall off, but landed on my ass so no damage there!!

Now in ‘Plettenburg Bay’ which has a fantastic beach but quite a small place but the hostel is excellent, fantastic views off the beach and every night is a braai, loads off people chip in some money for the meat and salad and whack it on the massive open braai. The last few nights I’ve done the cooking for most people and not burnt a thing and everyone is still alive and of course nothing comes for free so I get a beer out off it.

Jeffries Bay was the highlight off the Garden Route for me, stayed at Island Vibe hostel which was right on the beach with a huge bar and met up with guys Id met earlier on my trip and as you can guess it was a bit messy.

Well the day started off fine went to MonkeyLand saw lots off monkeys strangely enough who had been rescued after been treated awfully and then hopefully released back in to the wild. In the afternoon went to a “Lagoon” where you can jump off 50 foot rocks and go on death slides into the water, that was great too but I didn’t do the 50 foot jump 30 was enough for me!!

That night went to a wicked restaurant on the beach where I had more oysters and but Irish Dave and Cameron hated, so that was more for me!!! Then after that it all went down hill……what I remember is drinking lots off beers, shooters, drinking games, not been able to see the balls when playing pool, then watching the sun rising and deciding it was a good idea to go skinny dipping, not on my own I might add!! Then having to rush around to get to the airport in time for flight hence leaving my phone at the hostel and not sleeping for 36 hours with the time differences, Oh well had a wicked night, cheers guys if your reading this.

Overall SA has been fantastic really loved it much more than I thought I would. Id definitely like to come back as well as go to Victoria Falls, Nambia and Cape Town.


PS. What a fantastic test match really enjoyed winding the South Africans about that one, lets hope we keep it going for the last match.

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