Hello everyone probably a smaller update than normal, I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know, as I got a heavy cold/flu symptoms which knocked me out for half a week probably due to all the boozing and partying over the last few months!! So didn’t get to see quite as much off Melbourne as I wanted to see.

Anyway arrived in Melbourne spent my first day walking round the CBD (Central business district) getting to know the place by using a free tram where you can hop on and off which is pretty damm convenient and full off backpackers!!

Everyone in Melbourne was gearing up for the Grand Prix but sadly I left before it took place due to money and time but still got time to walk round the track, obviously pretending to be in a grand prix car and making the sound effects and kicking Michael Schumacher ass!! Also got the chance to view the real life cars in Federation Square where I was surprised that there so light and flexible and not as big as I thought still damm cool thou.

Next day went to a Kylie exhibition!! A free one too!! The exhibition was off all her costumes shes worn at her various concerts over the years and all the awards and paparazzi pictures really interesting and even had her gold hot pants on display but sadly they wouldn’t let you take pictures!!

Two off the main things I wanted to do in Melbourne was visit the MCG and watch an Aussie rules game and hopefully do them both at the same time but to the redevelopment off the MCG for the Commonwealth games next year, there not playing any games there till later this year. No great disaster thou still got a tour off the ground but sadly the cricket museum has been moved due to the development bit off a shame that but oh well.

Did to get see an Aussie rules game at the Telstra dome not a bad little stadium only holds 60,000 people!! Went to see Melbourne play Carlton in the wizard cup which is like a pre season tournament and off course as Carlton played in blue I had to support them cant support a team in red!! Quite an amazing sport Aussie rules doesn’t seem to have a lot off rules and punching and pushing off the ball is perfectly allowed, never get away with that in the Premier league!! Damm good entertainment all round thou and you can drink beer while watching the game if only you could do that back at home!!

Saturday night it was Dan’s birthday so went on a bit off a pub crawl a damm fine night was had but never did make it to the casino probably a good thing really but did manage to find a TV screen showing football and its been nearly two months since Ive last seen game so I was in heaven especially as they were showing Everton and they won too, first time at Villa park in 19 years so I was a very happy chappy.

Monday night was Neighbours night!! A fantastic night where there was only one non British person there out off about 300 people so says the appeal it has back at home. Anyway you go to an “English” pub and get to meet three off the cast and this week it was the legend that is Harold Bishop, Steph (pwooooaaaaarrrr) and Max. They do a question and answer session and joke about with Harold cracking some fantastic dirty jokes which you just dont except from him!!

After that the guests come round and you get your picture taken with them, and Ive got a wicked picture off Steph, Jon and me and Ive obviously said something quite rude to her which I have no idea what I said as she giving me a very bizarre/astonished look!! While this is going on theres a trivia quiz where we came 4th out off 30 odd tables which isn’t bad.

To cap the night off Karl Kennedy’s band comes out plays and to be honest they were pretty good but quite surreal seeing Karl doing his Tom Jones Sex bomb impression!!!

A cracking night was had and made even better where me and Jon had the fantastic idea off having a pint off every draught they had, and we did bloody well 12 out off 16 isn’t bad but by the time we had the 12th it was a little blurry to say the least so the next day was spent in bed, for most off the day before catching the overnight bus to Sydney!!

Liked Melbourne a lot, defintley like to come back someday and see St Kilda and the other suburbs.

Right that will do for know, if I remember anymore I’ll add it in. Hope everyone is well at home.


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