Hello everyone time for another update!! I’m in Bryon Bay at the moment quite a fantastic chilled out place but will get on to that another time, for now its Sydney!!

Wow what a place, really enjoyed my time here, again a huge city but not with all the hussle and bussle (is that a real word?) like London has, so ended up staying for nearly 2 weeks.

After catching the overnight bus from Melbourne to Sydney I didn’t venture to far as I was shattered but I did walk down to Darling Harbor, not the main harbor but still very nice with loads off little cafes and bars and a pretty damm cool aquarium, which had an enormous crocodile and I swear it was giving me the evil eye when I was taking the picture, so didn’t stay there too long or it might off eaten me!!

Next day I met up with Zoe from, where I learnt she cant talk and walk in the right direction hahha bouy did we get lost!! Eventually we made it to the Circular key where I get my first view off the Opera house and Harbor bridge. Both were amazing especially with the sun shining off the Opera house, took lots off wicked pictures, when my camera wanted to work!! The damm thing keeps playing up and takes forever to read the memory card, probably got sand or something in it 🙁

The next few days were spent at various beaches around Sydney, Bondi where it rained :0( and was a bit commercial for my liking. Coggee Beach which was a lot smaller and a lot nicer with the most gorgeous girls Ive ever seen sunbathing!! But my favorite was definitely Manly really enjoyed getting the ferry over to the beach again enjoying spectacular views off the Harbor bridge and Opera house from the sea.

While I was in Sydney the annual Mardi Gras festival was on. A huge vibrant and colorful festival celebrating gay and lesbian life. The parade lasted for a good couple off hours and was awesome the floats and dancers were fantastic particularly enjoyed the Freddie Mercury float, people dancing with hoovers and the Welsh “I’m the only gay in this village float” from Little Britain, which the Aussies have really got in to.

After the Mardi Gras me and Zoe were going to a huge all night dance festival held at the Sydney Telstra dome where they held the Omplyics, a pretty impressive stadium. The concert was pretty damm fantastic. The Prodigy, second time round were awesome, first time round they blew the stage!! Armand Van Helden was fantastic, you forgot how many really good songs hes done. But the highlight off the night was GrandMaster Flash playing old skool hip hop he was awesome and also got to shake his hand!!!

The concert was awesome but the security/bouncers were seriously strict telling people you couldn’t dance or sit here and were really quite aggressive and they shut the bar at 2.30 with still another 5 hours to go unheard off at a music festival!!

So after a seriously busy couple off nights some serious chilling out was needed!! So off to Hunters valley with Claire from Ipswich. A fantastic new hostel pretty much in the middle off nowhere. The day we arrived we went on a wine tasting tour which was fantastic the best one Ive bee on. Five different wineries and cheese and olive tasting and finishing with some liquor es including a faking hot but seriously tasty chili one!! That evening was spent making our own pizzas and cooking them in a real clay pizza oven and drinking copious amounts off wine!!

The next few days were spent reading, swimming, relaxing and generally seriously chilling our oh and drinking lots and lots off lovely wine!!!

The night life in Sydney is fantastic loads off good fairly cheap backpackers bars as well more up market bars and clubs had many a good night out, well if I’m honest every night!! Especially the bus tour, five different pubs with a drink in each and a free t shirt all for $35 bargain. The photos of my night don’t seem to off been loaded yet so will chase them up.

Well thats it for now, bound to be loads Ive forgotten my memory is never the best. Look out East coast here I come!![/url]

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