Bryon Bay to Brisbane

Time for another update so might be worth making a cuppa.

After leaving Sydney caught another overnight bus to Bryon bay and what a really cool place Bryon is. Didn’t do a massive amount here just chilled out at the lovely beach and learn to surf!!!

Much to my surprise it turns out I can surf, I really didn’t think I would be able to do it but by the end off the lesson I was riding the waves like a pro!! All be it on the practice boards so I reckon the smaller boards will make things a lot tricker but I think I should be renamed Brad!!

While at Bryon went to a place called Nimbin which is the drug capital off Oz!! You can buy grass and cookies and its still illegal there but the police turn a blind eye so plenty off backpackers there!! Quite a strange place thou just lots and lots off hippies sitting around smoking and pulling out the biggest bags off weed Ive ever seen in my life, quite bizarre, not that Ive seen many bags honestly 😮

After Nimbin everyone from Jim’s adventure tours went to visit this guys house and garden, he turned out to be the oddest person Ive met all trip!! Hes a American hippie who bought some empty land 27 years ago and now has one off the most amazing “gardens” in Oz, its huge cant remember how many acres but it goes on for miles and hes won loads off awards for all the different plants and trees hes planted over the years, now for the weird bit…..

This guy is totally insane and lives on his own in the middle off nowhere and only gets too see a few backpackers for company, so how can I phase this nicely…..Well he got very excited to see us and wouldn’t stop talking at us about the oddest subjects ever!!! It started with Quantum Physics, why we are on this planet, what makes some people gay and some people not and he reckons its genetic etc etc…..So it just proves living on your own with only plants and smoking for company sends you mad!!!

While in Bryon most nights were spent drinking “goon” (cheap but not too bad wine) then at Cheeky Monkeys and what a place that is. Its a club which serves cheap food and places a lot off party games and various theme nights, then everyone and I mean everyone starts dancing on the tables and drinking far too much cheap beer….Many a fantastic night was had in there and thinking back I think we went there every night, which would explain the not doing much at Bryon!!

From Bryon went on to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast where the time changes and depending on which side off the road you are on!! One side your on Sydney/NSW time (+ 11 hours from UK) and the other side on Queensland time (+10 hours from UK) how very confusing.

Wast really that keen on Surfers a very tacky commercial place like a holiday resort in Spain so didn’t stay there too long just enough time to get some sleep after Bryon!!

After Surfers on to Brisbane only an hour away but who different world much much much nicer. Spent some time chilling out at the Botanical Gardens and did some reading. Just started Anthony Kedis autobiography hes the lead singer off the Red Hot Chili Peppers and so far its a cracking read if rather a little harrowing.

That night went to an Rugby league game. New Zealand V Brisbane Broncos a cracking game in another superb stadium and always good to see the Aussies lose for once and you can drink beer while watching the game, superb stuff!!

Next day was spent South Bank of the river, doing a rather longer walk than I planned and checking out the markets and the fake beach, like there’s not enough beaches already along the east coast quite bizarre indeed. That night met up with some guys and girls id not seen since NZ so was great to see them had a very boozy night and missed my bus the next day :0( Opppps so had to get a later bus and spend an extra night in Hervey bay which was cool as it was lovely and sunny.

The next few days will be spent at Fraser Island doing a 4×4 safari and then playing Pirate on a 92 foot tall sail ship around the Whitsundays!! Get in!!!

Tata for now

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