Hervey Bay and Fraser Island

Another update another wicked few days!! 😀

After missing my bus from Brisbane to Hervery bay I was arriving too late for the compulsory briefing for Fraser Island trip. Fraser island is the largest sand island in the world, where you go on a 4×4 self drive camping trip for 2 nights 3 days, so had to go the next day no disaster just another day on the beach!!

The following day after having a nice lie, the first one in ages damm the check out by 10am rule!! And some more sunbathing it was time for the briefing which was kinda pointless really didn’t tell you much that you didn’t all ready know apart from how to look very stupid if dingos are around!!

The briefing was mainly to put you into groups and sort out the food and booze buying!! Luckily all the people in my group were really nice and everyone got on really well, you hear so many horror stories about how people have had awful trips due to bad groups and people arguing, but not us!! Not unsurprisingly I took control off sorting out the booze for everyone in out group and bouy we did buy a lot but it all got drunk, well there’s not much else to do in the evenings!!

The next day we were off!! Well not until another briefing which basically said don’t crash the car or drive through salt water or your paying for it!! For some unknown reason I was “voted” to be co-pilot like in rally driving, which is bit daft really based on my dodgy map reading skills but we made it to the barge and on to Fraser island safely.

Our first day started off with our first bush walk at Central station a really pretty walk where we were to see our first giant spider of our trips and fak me sideways it was huge!! We then went to Lake Wabby which was probably the highlight for me, totally stunning view huge sand dunes, rainforest’s then a beautiful lake and you can run full pelt down down the sand dune trying not to fall and diving straight in the lovely clear water, superb stuff and I think I came second in that race.

The afternoon was spent driving east across the island then drive north up the Eastern beach (avoiding the saltwater of course so we didn’t lose our bond), on the way we stopped off at Eli Creek, another gorgeous place where you could float in the creek and the current would take you down the to beach, just like a little ride!!

That evening we arrived at our base camp as we went with Beaches we had our own base camp with BBQ facilities, showers and picnic tables so not roughing quite that much. The rest off the night after our BBQ feast was spent playing drinking games, where everyone takes a turn in turning over a card and each card has a different meaning…. i.e 2 or 3 fingers -You have to nominate drinks for people, Waterfall – everyone has to drink till the person next to you stop, fuzzy duck, numbers game and my particular favorite the pose master!! Where that person has to run off and do a pose and everyone has to follow, the last one has to copy has to finish his drink!! These “poses” started off fairly tame but by the end off the night so weren’t!! 14 people in the shower doesn’t really fit, especially when some git turns it on, hence the window breaking and with hindsight everyone on top off the car bonnet wasn’t the best idea, but a superb night!!

Day 2 we woke up to a stinker off a hangover and to a a few fairly big dents in our 4×4, opppps, well cant do much about it now, worry about it later. So off we went to Indian head where you get an amazing view across Fraser island and can see sharks, dolphins, rays and turtles but we saw none off them!! Then in was off to the Champagne Pools, named cos the waves come over the rocks and looks like Champagne but they were a little disappointing due to the the tide being so far out. So we drove back down south to the Maheno Shipwreck, and back to Eli creek where we played volleyball with some very attractive girls, which doesn’t half put you off!!

The following night was a little quieter but not a lot, we taught our drinking games to the new group and they taught us their games, so again was very drunk and went down to the beach and played football in the dark…..again not the best idea woke up to my toe pointing at a funny angle!!

On Day 3 we headed to Lake McKenzie, a superb place if a little busy. The most gorgeous white sand and crystal clear water, we spent the day here just chilling out and sunbathing before heading back to the barge. We got back to the depot where they check the 4×4 over and equipment you borrowed and somehow we managed to convince them that the dents on the bonnet were already there, so we got all money back fantastic stuff!!

After getting back to Hervey bay we all went for a fantastic beef and Guinness pie at the local pub and watched the England V NI match, cracking way to finish a fantastic trip. Fraser Island was amazing and thanks to everyone in my group you were ace.

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